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HELD ON Monday, March 21, 2011, AT 6:30 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Dr. Brown, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos.
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Ms. Edwards, Council voted (Ayes: Dr.
Brown, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos. Noes: None) to meet in closed
session pursuant to section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code, I hereby move that City
Council close this open meeting and convene in closed session for: (1) Consultation with
legal counsel for legal advice regarding a lawsuit seeking to enjoin federal approvals and
funding for the City’s Route 250 / McIntire Road Interchange Project, as authorized by
Virginia Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (7); and, (2) Discussion of the acquisition of real
property on Davis Avenue for a public purpose, where discussion in an open meeting
would adversely affect the City’s negotiating strategy, as authorized by Virginia Code
sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (3); and, (3) Consideration of prospective candidates for appointment
to City boards and commissions, as authorized by Virginia Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (1).
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Ms. Edwards, Council certified by the
following vote, (Ayes: Dr. Brown, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos.
Noes: None), that to the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business
matters lawfully exempted from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom
of Information Act and identified in the motion convening the closed session were heard,
discussed or considered in the closed session.
COUNCIL CHAMBER – March 21, 2011
Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Edwards, Mr. Norris, Dr. Brown, Ms. Szakos.
Mr. Norris read a proclamation for Poison Prevention Week. Ms. Kristin Winger,
Blue Ridge Poison Center, was present to accept the proclamation. Ms. Winger said call
1-800-222-1222 if you have a poison emergency.
Mr. Norris read a proclamation for Preservation Week 2011. Ms. Mary Joy Scala
was there to accept on behalf of the BAR. Ms. Scala thanked Council for the
proclamation and encouraged citizens to attend preservation week events.
Mr. Norris read a proclamation for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Ms.
Cynthia Thomas from the UVA Cancer Center and a staff member dressed as “Polyp
Person” were present to accept the proclamation.
Mr. Norris read a proclamation in honor of Ms. Eva Page, election officer retiree,
for her years of service to the City. Ms. Page said becoming an election officer was a
very rewarding experience.
Mr. Norris read a proclamation in honor of Ms. Stephanie Commander, Electoral
Board member, for her years of service to the City. Ms. Commander said she has
enjoyed her years on the Electoral Board.
Ms. Edwards said the Charlottesville/Albemarle Reentry Summit, co-sponsored
by the Dialogue on Race, will take place on April 19th, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at Holiday
Inn, 1901 Emmet St. Preregistration is required. Call 970-3353 for more information, or
go to www.charlottesville.org/reentrysummit.
Ms. Szakos announced openings on Boards and Commissions and encouraged
interested parties to apply. Please call 970-3113 or go to www.charlottesville.org for an
Mr. Norris announced the Blood Drive at the Herman Key Recreation Center.
The City will provide a one-time collection of bagged leaves the week of April 4th. He
said this Friday is the 50th anniversary of the first major Civil Rights march in
Charlottesville, which took place on the Corner. There will be a ceremony at 10:00 a.m.
near the CVS on The Corner commemorating the event. He announced a community
forum about the achievement gap hosted by the Dialogue on Race.
Ms. Allegra Cooper, 111 Wood Duck Place, is a program director for The Female
Perspective, a non-profit organization that provides coaching and mentoring to youth,
family and communities. She described the vision of The Female Perspective. She
described four programs that provide a holistic approach to addressing community
Ms. Megan Niziolek, 6524 Jarman’s Gap, said she has worked as a case manager
and a cheerleading coach over the past year. She said many services provided to local
residents originate outside of Charlottesville. She announced an event called
“Community” at the Jefferson Theatre. There is an after school program on Wednesdays
and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. at Charlottesville High School.
Ms. Rose Williams, 305 Meade Ave., said she wanted to publically thank the City
for their grants and programs for the elderly and permanently disabled. She also thanked
Mr. Shifflett for waste management and Mr. Herndon for working with her to make her
home and her neighborhood a safe environment. She especially thanked Council for their
support of the Creative Writing Program. She said Ms. Spicer from the Parks and
Recreation Department is an asset to the City.
Mr. Scott Beyer, 2556 Summit Ridge Trail, said he was in Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington, D.C. where he toured neighborhoods that have taken paths to
revitalization and have opened up to economic growth. When businesses and low income
neighborhoods collaborate, economic enlightenment can occur. He said he would like to
examine the area of Cherry Ave. between Ridge St. and 6th St. SW, the same block
William Taylor Plaza was set to be built on. These types of projects enhance cities.
Ms. Kimberly Williams, 906-C South 1st St., from The Female Perspective group,
said the program has had a positive effect on her family. She described the mentoring
and emotional support the program offered her and the impact Ms. Bates and Officer
Brassfield made on her son. She asked Council to support the program.
Mr. Markelle Williams, 906-C South 1st St., and Mr. Omar Winstead, 1117 Forest
St., from The Female Perspective group, said they are involved in the Ladies and
Gentleman Program and described what they do and how they have been operating. He
announced a benefit on May 29th at the Jefferson Theatre at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. He
said youth can be productive members of the community. Mr. Williams said the “EMale”
and “And What” production gave him a lot of support during a tough time in his
Ms. Mary Micheal, 125 Blonywood Dr., from The Female Perspective, said the
“And What” production has kept her out of trouble and has helped her a lot.
Mr. Wilbert Brassfield, 1274 Fox Crest Way, from The Female Perspective, said
the “E-Males” group started last year around this time because of issues at the Downtown
Mall. They meet at Buford Middle School from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights. He
said the program supports education and helps males with the evolutionary process
required to become citizens, fathers, and leaders.
Mr. Bob Fenwick, 901 E. Jefferson St., and Mr. Peter Kleeman, 407 Hedge St.,
showed a tree trunk section and a sapling in its second year of growth. He said this is the
difference 50 years makes in tree growth. The large trees are what we will lose at
Ragged Mountain, and they are going to be replaced by saplings. We have abundant
water now and will in the future, particularly if we dredge the Rivanna Reservoir. We do
not have enough trees. The Virginia Department of Forestry has donated seven chestnut
trees to the Rockhill Garden.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said at the last RWSA’s board meeting, citizen
oversight of the new water demand study was discussed. She asked for a restatement of
Council’s expectations to ensure this comes about. She said Rivanna’s staff refuted what
she characterized as a year of delay tactics on a new demand analysis, but she gave
examples of delays to support her view. She asked Council to tell their negotiators that
the water supply cost share agreement must be contingent on dredging.
Mr. Aerick Green, 542 Cleveland Ave., and Mr. Jabril Carter, said there is
nothing to do in Charlottesville for young African Americans. He said a boxing club
should be started to teach discipline and give them something constructive to do. He
asked for Council’s support to get it up and running.
Mr. Wes Bellamy, 4187 Cypress Pointe, said he is speaking behalf of residents of
Cherry Avenue who he met with last week. They asked him to look at Tonsler Park,
because they did not believe the park was a suitable place for their children to play. He
said he agreed that the park is not suitable and asked that this area be afforded the same
opportunities other patrons throughout Charlottesville are given.
Mr. Huja asked the Parks and Recreation Department to look into a boxing
Ms. Szakos said the City is working to put an area in the Carver Recreation area
at Jefferson School for boxing, and she said it was a great idea. She said she agrees with
Ms. Williams that Ms. Spicer is an asset to the City. She thanked everyone who came
from The Female Perspective. She said when her children were young, Tonsler Park was
renovated, and it was an exciting event. She said the equipment is getting old now, and
the City needs to reexamine the park.
Dr. Brown said the number of supporters and young people who came tonight to
speak on behalf of The Female Perspective was impressive.
Ms. Edwards said she was proud The Female Perspective encouraged civic
engagement. She said she hopes the presence of the youth will inspire adults to come
forward. She thanked Ms. Williams for the effort she made to attend and recognize hard
working City staff. She said she opposed the William Taylor Plaza because she was
serving as the voice of citizens who opposed it, and she supports her decision. She said
more research should be done on the history and importance of Tonsler Park. Several
parks in the City have meaning to people because of their history. She said a holistic
approach should be maintained. She said there should be an environmental perspective
as part of The Female Perspective as well.
Mr. Norris thanked those who came to speak about The Female Perspective and
encouraged them to keep up the good work. He said he also supports a boxing program.
He said Tonsler Park is an asset, and we need to take better care of it. He asked for
clarity on the point Ms. Quinn made about dredging being included in the cost share
agreement. Mr. Jones said Council can give us an indication about whether or not a cost
share should be in place before we move forward with the dam. Discussion among staff
has been ongoing. He said their message has been clear that they want no delay on
dredging. Mr. Norris requested that dredging be added to an upcoming agenda. Mr.
Jones said staff recognizes that Tonsler Park needs to be addressed, and they are planning
to do so.
On motion by Ms. Edwards, seconded by Mr. Huja, the following consent agenda
items were approved: (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Norris, Dr. Brown, Ms.
Szakos; Noes: None.)
a. Minutes of March 7
b. APPROPRIATION: $250,000 – Charlottesville City Schools - Appropriation
of Capital Improvement Program Large Cap
Supplemental Contribution (2nd reading)
c. APPROPRIATION: $44,336 – Domestic Violence Services Coordinator
Grant (2nd reading)
d. APPROPRIATION: $95,000 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Summer Food Service Program (carried)
e. APPROPRIATION: $92,029 – Police Department Insurance Recovery, Misc.
Revenue and Fees (carried)
f. RESOLUTION: Application for FY 2012 Transit Grant Funds
g. RESOLUTION: DEQ Consent Agreement
h. ORDINANCE: Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans (carried)
Mr. Jones presented to Council and said staff proposes to hold the tax rate for real
estate and personal property tax at the same rate as last year.
The public hearing was opened.
Mr. Peter Kleeman, 407 Hedge St., said he wanted to know what the expected
changes in revenues are and whether there are additional revenues being generated that
could be put forward to projects he would like to see done.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Mr. Jones said the real estate tax estimated for next year would be a 1.6% increase
over this current year’s budget.
Ms. Szakos said we had a comparison of how Charlottesville’s tax rate compares
to other cities that provide similar services. She said it is important to understand that we
provide a lot more services for our tax rate. Mr. Jones confirmed that this was so.
Mr. Norris invited citizens to contact Council at council@charlottesville.org with
Mr. Jones presented the City Manager’s budget for FY 2012 to Council. He
reviewed the impact on residents, the proposed budget during what seems to be a slowly
recovering economy, budget highlights, general revenues, and FY 2012 General Fund
Expenditures. He reviewed the City’s financial support of education and explained the
amendment based on additional funds schools received from the state this year. The
extra money will be placed in a reserve account for school use during the FY 2013
budget. He reviewed projects in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), as well as
amendments to the CIP. He gave dates for future budget meetings and said the budget
will be approved on April 12.
The public hearing was opened.
Mr. Paul Long, 1410 Grady Ave., said the plight of the homeless continues to get
worse for the City, and services are inadequate. He said the budget addresses middle and
upper class needs and ignores the needs of the homeless. He asked Council to conduct a
meeting at The Haven to hear about their problems and figure out how the City can help.
Mr. Paul Vaughn, 1112 Meadow St., asked Council to support additional funding
for PHAR and the Legal Aid Justice Center. He said PHAR depends on funding to run
an important internship program.
Mr. Overy Johnson, 500 South 1st St., said he is a PHAR graduate and the
President of Crescent Hall. He used a leadership program to help build his skills and
asked Council to support funding for PHAR.
Ms. Janyce Lewis, 832 A. Hardy Dr., said she is a PHAR graduate, and it has
opened many doors for her. She is honored to give back to her community and has
helped other residents in her neighborhood see the opportunities Charlottesville has to
offer. She asked Council to support funding for PHAR.
Ms. Whitney Banks, 1621 B Madison Ave., said she is a current PHAR intern,
and the program has been beneficial to her.
Ms. Shymora Cooper, 713 F 6th St., said she is a PHAR intern graduate and is
currently the secretary of the board. PHAR has shaped her to become a leader and has
also taught her how to follow. She said she has been able to help others understand their
rights regarding public housing.
Mr. Peter Kleeman, 407 Hedge St., said the sidewalk on Belmont Bridge needs to
be addressed. He asked if there are funds in the budget for repairing old sidewalks, not
just building new ones.
Mr. John Conover, 104 W. High St., said he supports the request by PHAR. He is
an employee of the Legal Aid Justice Center. He said as unemployment has increased,
money has decreased. The Center needs money for internal reorganization, housing, and
unemployment. He said they will submit official paperwork to Council.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Mr. Norris asked for clarity on the issue of funding for PHAR and Legal Aid.
Ms. Szakos thanked PHAR participants and said their presence shows how
important the program is.
Ms. Sherri Iachetta presented to Council. She reviewed the reasons precinct
reconfiguration is necessary. She said the number of voters is increasing daily. She
reviewed staff directives from the January 3rd City council meeting. She reviewed
committee activities since January and reviewed census numbers from February 2011.
She reviewed factors the committee considered, options the committee studied, and the
committee’s conclusions. The current eight precincts could not be retained and still
adhere to code. Ms. Iachetta explained how the committee used the number of voters in
2008 and calculations from 2010 census data to redraw precincts. She also reviewed
polling places and transit routes. She said the committee has been very thoughtful and
has worked to create the least possible disruption.
Ms. Szakos said she supports the new configuration and is pleased the committee
was unanimous. She said there is concern that any change is going to suppress the vote.
An idea she heard is the option of having the entire transit system be free on voting day,
or have vans and busses shuttle between polling places in case citizens accidentally go to
the wrong polling place. New precincts should be publicized with parties, open houses
and picnics.
Ms. Iachetta said everyone will get a new voter card with their voting location.
Mr. Huja said he agrees with the committee.
Dr. Brown thanked the committee for making Council's job easy.
Ms. Edwards asked what the journey was like getting there and some of the
barriers were. Mr. Charles Kromkowski said the biggest obstacle was learning how to
use the software. The committee said they believe the plan will last for at least the next
Mr. Norris said he fully endorses the proposal.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Mr. Huja, the motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned.

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