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HELD ON Tuesday, July 18, 2011, AT 6:00 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos.
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Ms. Edwards, Council voted (Ayes: Ms.
Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos, Dr. Brown; Noes: None to meet in closed
session pursuant to section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code, for discussion and
consideration of prospective candidates for appointment to City boards and commissions;
and for the annual performance review of the Clerk of City Council, as authorized by
Virginia Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (1).
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Ms. Szakos, Council certified by the
following vote, (Ayes: Ms. Edwards, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos, Dr. Brown;
Noes: None), that to the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business
matters lawfully exempted from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom
of Information Act and identified in the motion convening the closed session were heard,
discussed or considered in the closed session.
COUNCIL CHAMBERS – July 18, 2011
Council met in regular session on this date with the following members present:
Mr. Norris, Ms. Edwards, Dr. Brown, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos.
Mr. Norris recognized a delegation of visitors from Afghanistan.
Mr. Norris presented the Seven Seals Award, which was presented to the City of
Charlottesville by the Department of Defense.
Mr. Norris noted Charlottesville’s recent recognition as the Sixth Most Walk-
Friendly Community in the Country, one of Ten Cities that Embody the American
Dream, and Forbes Magazine’s Local Food Capital of the World.
Mr. Huja announced the MPO public hearing scheduled for the Western Bypass
July 27th at the County Office Building.
Dr. Brown announced Charlottesville’s new semi-professional football team, the
Virginia Silverbacks. He invited Mr. Jamie Davis and his group to speak on behalf of the
team. They have won their last two games. Their first home game will be this Saturday
at 7pm at Monticello High School. Practices are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Thursdays at 6pm at Buford Middle School. Dr. Brown requested that Council discuss
making a City contribution to the group under Other Business.
Mr. Norris said the second City Council meeting in August has been cancelled.
Also, Farmers in the Park is underway at Pen Park Wednesdays from 3pm -7 pm.
Council congratulated Mr. Maurice Jones on his fourth child, James Maurice
Ms. Edwards said there will be free sports physicals provided on August 6th from
10am-2pm at West Hardy Drive at the Westhaven Clinic.
Ms. Colette Hall, 101 Robertson Ln., asked Council to put politics aside and
choose Planning Commission candidates who have knowledge and will take
responsibility as Commissioners.
Ms. Pat Napoleon, 700 Lyons Ave., said City government is stealing property in
McIntire Park and allowing a freeway to be built through the park. She thanked Ms.
Edwards for her support against building the YMCA at McIntire Park. She also said it is
unacceptable that Mr. Huja cannot be understood during City Council meetings.
Mr. George Larry, 107 Tally Ho Dr., said he represents CATCO, the
Charlottesville Albemarle Transportation Coalition, which has opposed the Western
Bypass for 25 years. The Bypass is too short, it dumps out on Route 29, south of Forest
Lakes, putting heavy trucks through many neighborhoods. It impacts 4,000 students at
schools and the water supply at the reservoir. VDOT studies show that if the bypass is
built, the level of service on Highway 29 will still be substandard.
Mr. Bob Humphries, 109 Falcon Dr., reviewed documents outlining cost issues
with the bypass, including right-of-way issues, demolition costs on properties acquired
for the bypass, and single family relocations, which total $75-$85 million above quoted
costs. Please oppose the Western Bypass.
Mr. Milton Monroe, 106 Falcon Dr., served on the CHART committee several
years ago and has been opposed to the bypass for the last 20 years. Please continue to
oppose the bypass. Do not attend the next MPO meeting so they do not have a quorum.
Ms. Vera Mason, 621 Lexington Ave., said she has witnessed the change from a
quiet Charlottesville to a busy urban center. She has not seen a new road built in the past
44 years that the general public can use. It is not in the public interest to deny
construction of the Western Bypass. She encouraged people who cannot attend the
meetings to mail in or phone their opinions.
Ms. Robbi Savage, with the Rivanna Conservation Society, said she supports the
water supply plan. They are protective of their wildlife, and she yielded the remainder of
her time to Ridge Schuyler. Mr. Schuyler said he is an environmentalist, and he has been
fighting for the environment for years. He supports the plan City Council endorsed
because it protects our environment and our rivers. The phased approach adopted by
Council is a green plan, and the cheapest plan. We have misplaced our priorities; we
should be focused on important social issues instead.
Ms. Joanna Salidis, 129 Goodman St., said the new demand forecast that came in
last week was good news. This proves that dredging can meet the water supply demand
without building the dam and pipeline.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said the Citizens for a Sustainable Water Supply
have always believed the Charlottesville urban area should have abundant water for
expected growth. We should consider how population growth will affect the future.
Huge investments should not be made too early in the planning period.
Mr. Toan Nguyen, 710 Lyons Court Ln., said he owns Cville Coffee and is highly
dependent on the availability of water to run his business. He asked Council not to
change their original endorsement of the revised water supply plan in March. He thanked
Mr. Huja for his service.
Mr. Peter McIntosh, 624 Davis Ave., said he supports the community water plan.
Dredging alone will not provide sufficient water and would sacrifice the Moormans
Mr. Brandon Collins, 536 Meade Ave., said Council should take more steps
towards building a green city. Continue to take a stand against the western bypass.
Ms. Barbara Cruikshank, 324 Park Way, said she is concerned about the effects of
construction of the Bypass and its proximity to schools.
Mr. John Cruikshank, 324 Park Way, said building through McIntire Park and the
Western Bypass is a mistake and will increase vehicular traffic by encouraging more
people to travel. Improve public transit instead of putting money into new roads.
Mr. Bob Fenwick, 901 E. Jefferson St., said Charles Rogers is an honest, taxpaying
citizen who owns property at Montrose Ave., which is subjected to being termed
as blighted. Just because he is different does not mean he should lose his house. This is
about money, and the City should not take away his property.
Mr. Neal Williamson, 550 Hillsdale Dr., is with the Free Enterprise Forum. He
said dredging will not meet water supply demand during times of draught. He asked
Council to support the Community Water Supply plan.
Mr. Tom Olivier, 4632 Greene Creek Rd., said he is speaking for the Piedmont
Group of the Sierra Club and thanked Council for not supporting construction of the
Western Bypass at the recent MPO meeting.
Ms. Szakos said she does not support the xenophobic comments made in regard to
Mr. Huja.
Ms. Edwards said the word used is “different” in regard to Mr. Rogers. She hopes
we would allow them to live with dignity, in the same way we would allow people with a
different accent to serve our community. Ms. Edwards asked for a vote of confidence for
Mr. Huja’s ability to serve Council. On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Dr. Brown,
the vote was unanimous.
Dr. Brown said Council works earnestly on each issue that comes before them but
agreed that we should move forward on the water supply issue to give us more time to
devote to other issues.
Mr. Norris said he took exception to Ms. Hall’s statement that City Council plays
party politics in appointments to Boards and Commissions. Partisanship has never been
broached when discussing appointments. He said supporters of the water supply plan
keep referring to a dollar figure for dredging of the South Fork Reservoir in a manner that
has never been endorsed by supporters of dredging. The small bites plan costs
significantly less. The figure for building the dam does not take into account some of the
ancillary costs. He firmly agreed with Mr. Collins that we can do both.
Dr. Brown said everyone agrees we will do Phase 1 dredging. Anything above
and beyond that will cost a lot of money no matter what.
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Huja, the following appointments to Boards
and Commissions were made: to the CRHA: Sherri Clarke, Hosea Mitchell, and
Claudette Green; to the Sister Cities Committee: Blake Caravati, Brittani Sponaugle, Jim
Tolbert and Terri Anne Di Cintio; to the Dialogue on Race Steering Committee: L.D.
Perry; to the Retirement Commission: David Shifflett. (Ayes: Mr. Norris, Dr. Brown, Ms.
Edwards, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos; Noes: none.)
On motion by Mr. Huja, seconded by Ms. Szakos, the following consent agenda
items were approved: (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Edwards, Dr. Brown, Mr. Norris, Ms.
Szakos; Noes: None.) with the exception of Dr. Brown voting no on item I, transit grant
for buses.
a. Minutes of July 5
b. RESOLUTION: Application to Virginia Land Conservation Foundation
Acquisition of Hartman Mill for Parkland - $150,000
(1st of 1 reading) DEFFERED
c. RESOLUTION: Water Resources Database Enhancement - Authorization
to enter into the Cost Sharing Agreement with the U.S.
Corps of Engineers (1st of 1 reading)
d. RESOLUTION: Acquisition of 4.515 Acres of Stream Valley Land (1st
of 1 reading) DEFFERED
e. APPROPRIATION: $500 – 2011 Charlottesville Police Department
Foundation Donation (1st of 1 reading)
f. APPROPRIATION: $5,000 – Virginia Commission of the Arts Challenge
Grant (1st of 2 readings)
g. APPROPRIATION: $2,774.80 – Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.)
Overtime Reimbursement for the Cyber Crimes Task
Force (1st of 2 readings)
h. APPROPRIATION: $5,505 – 9/11 Memorial Steel Project Phase I (1st of 2
i. APPROPRIATION: $1,011,823 – Appropriation of FY 2012 Transit Grants
(1st of 2 readings)
j. ORDINANCE: Exchange of Land – Madison Avenue and River Court
(2nd of 2 readings)
k. ORDINANCE: Transfer of Property on Elliott Avenue (2nd of 2
l. ORDINANCE: Validity Period of Certificates of Appropriateness (2nd of
2 readings)
Mr. Tom Frederick reported to Council on the new comprehensive regional water
plan demand analysis. He said DEQ has a very narrow definition of what constitutes a
minor permit modification versus a major modification, and Council should not be
concerned about this being declared a major permit modification.
Mr. Huja asked what the timeframe for response was. Mr. Frederick said they do
not put a timeframe on it. The process has been slowed because they have a hiring freeze
in Richmond, imposed by the Governor’s office, and they are inadequately staffed to
address the permit modification request in a timely manner. Their best estimate is late
this year.
Mr. Frederick said the board has regularly addressed the issue of putting out an
RFP for dredging for several months. HDR has recommended preparing performance
specifications, criteria for contractor payments, and other information, including a
valuation plan that grounds the decision making process in technical criteria.
Mr. Kincer presented a Project Status Report to Council. He gave an overview of
the water forecasting process, work accomplished to date, an outline of part of the
regional water supply plan and reviewed the methodology process. He reviewed water
use profiles, comparison of per capita water use (Charlottesville is near the bottom),
population and employment, water demand calculation formula, minimum recommended
water supply planning forecasts, water demand forecast scenarios, potential additional
water conservation initiatives along with potential cost projections out to 2060, and next
steps in the process.
Mr. Norris asked how the population projection number was computed. Staff
used historic growth and census data from 2010 and vetted those assumptions with
different staff members from the area to see if they were reasonable.
Ms. Edwards said she wanted this report placed in the time capsule.
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council. The secretary said found money for the Western
Bypass and will be pulling it from a number of future projects. Ms. Szakos said one of
the things MPO was able to do was reach a consensus that none of us would even
consider voting on the Western Bypass until we had some assurance that some of our
other local priorities would be funded by the state, including completion of Hillsdale
Drive, US 29/250 ramp and lane improvements, Berkmar Drive extension, the Belmont
Bridge, transit to the Hollymeade/Forest Lakes/CHO Airport, and a north town trail to
give non-car transportation opportunities for people to get north and south.
Mr. Kirk Burkhart gave Council an overview of CACVB programs and activities
over the past year.
Ms. Szakos asked about historical and heritage tours. She said there is an
opportunity for education, especially for Black history. Mr. Burkhart said this has been a
real challenge, and he welcomed Council’s involvement and input.
Mr. Norris thanked the CACVB board members for their service.
Ms. Kristel Riddervold updated Council on recent Green City initiatives,
including water resources protection projects, land/forest connectivity, utilities
management and efficient infrastructure projects, and community partners.
Mr. Norris said one of the priority areas that came from the recent Council retreat
was leveraging the great work we have been doing making Charlottesville a green city on
the economic side.
Ms. Edwards said she would like to see students in schools get more involved.
Mr. Huja said we should move these ideas into the private sector of our
Ms. Szakos said keep pushing curbside recycling. Also, Council is going
paperless with iPads, which will save money and trees.
Dr. Brown thanked Ms. Riddervold for her excellent work as the City’s
environmental administrator.
Dr. Brown said the Virginia Silverbacks team is positive for our community.
Sports can give youth a sense of purpose, and having a team with connections in the
community is a positive. They are looking at $7,500 to get through the rest of the season,
and he recommended a $2,500 - $5,000 donation from Council reserve.
Mr. Huja asked if they are a non-profit organization. Dr. Brown said they are an
LLC. Mr. Huja said this meets many of our objectives in our Vision Statement, and some
contribution to show our support would be appropriate. He suggested $2,500.
Ms. Edwards said they have been able to address a niche in our community that
has been missing. She asked how Council can help address field rentals or provide them
with some resources outside of a monetary donation.
Mr. James Davis spoke on behalf of the Silverbacks and said they are currently
using Monticello field. Charlottesville High School cannot be used until the turf field is
installed. The fee for the field is $500. The team has five home games.
Mr. Norris said providing some seed funding is a good idea, and maybe next year
we can give an in-kind donation.
On motion by Dr. Brown, seconded by Mr. Huja, Council voted to allocate $2,500
from their Council priorities fund to the Silverbacks. The motion carried unanimously.
(Ayes: Dr. Brown, Mr. Huja, Mr. Norris, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Edwards; Noes: None.) A
resolution will be added to the consent agenda for the first regular meeting in September.
Mr. Jason Halbert, 803 Stonehenge Ave., said he supports the 2006 Water Supply
Plan as modified. It is the only plan that provides enough water for humans and the
Mr. Richard Lloyd, City of Charlottesville, said fear mongers say we are running
out of water, but they do not say when. He said understanding Mr. Huja is a problem. He
said AECOM could not give him a good answer regarding population numbers.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said you can walk around the Sugar Hollow
Reservoir during dry periods, and you see no surface inflow. People who want
streamflow improvements should have to pay for it, not the rate payers. She was
impressed by the Green City presentation.
Ms. Dede Smith, 2652 Jefferson Park Circle, said she loved the Green City
presentation. That we would throw away a natural resource in the Rivanna South Fork
Reservoir is against our goals as a Green City. Paying for the stream river restoration
project is a fleecing of City residents.
Mr. Stratton Salidis, 704 Graves St., said we all agree on the importance of rivers.
Dredging is far better overall for river health, in addition to preserving the Ragged
Mountain Natural Area. Building a dam only creates a place for water to go; it does not
create more water.
Mr. Ridge Schuyler said the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir may be an asset, but it
is not a natural asset; it is a manmade asset. We should focus first on restoring our
natural assets. If we want to have enough water to share with the river, we have to have
more water capacity than we have today.
Mr. Neal Williamson , 550 Hillsdaale Dr., said you have too use trends tto support
Ms. Szakos thanked Mr. Halbert and Ms. Quinn for presenting the facts without
making personal attacks. She said Mr. Lloyd should not attack citizens; it lowers the level
of discourse. She thanked Mr. Schuyler for bringing facts to Council.
The meeting was adjourned.

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