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ON Tuesday, April 3, 2012, AT 5:00 p.m. IN THE Basement Conference Room.
Budget Work Session
BY ORDER OF THE MAYOR By: Paige Barfield
Council met in special session with the following members present: Mr. Huja, Ms.
Szakos, Mr. Norris, Ms. Galvin, Ms. Smith.
Ms. Beauregard presented Council budget amendments. Staff will monitor amended
commitments during the fiscal year. Ms. Szakos said we should only grant level funding if
performance over the course of the year warrants it. Ms. Galvin said she is concerned the
Council Priority Initiative fund is not being used towards Council’s stated priorities. Mr. Norris
said the terms are confusing; the Council Priority Initiative fund is really a contingency fund, not
a fund for Council priorities.
Ms. Beauregard reviewed the Council Priority Initiatives account. Mr. Huja asked for
interim reports for the Transit Study. Ms. Beauregard reviewed Sources of Funds to explain
where funds were coming from.
Ms. Beauregard reviewed the remaining budget issues for ABRT-reviewed agencies. Mr.
Huja said we should leave funding for the Music Resource Center at 10% to align with the fact
that 10% of their children are City residents. Mr. Norris supports full funding for the center. The
number of City kids has not gone down, and they are continuing the same quality work they have
done for years. Ms. Galvin said she is not aware of what other community collaborations Music
Resource Center is doing, as Paramount is. Ms. Smith said she supports full funding. Ms.
Galvin said she does not support funding at the full amount. Ms. Szakos said she is balking at
the whole process, but the Music Resource Center is something she supports. Mr. Huja said he is
in agreement with Ms. Galvin. Ms. Smith said she wanted presentations from groups requesting
ABRT funds in the future. Mr. Norris said we could set aside funds contingent upon
performance. Ms. Galvin said she would support funding at $6,800. Mr. Huja supported $6,800
as well.
Mr. Huja said he is opposed to cutting funding for the Municipal Band. They are a good
program, they provide business for downtown, and backing out at the last moment seems unfair.
Ms. Smith agreed that it was too late to cut funding at this point. Ms. Szakos said we should let
them know this is a lot of money, and next year they need to do some fund raising from other
sources, because there will be less.
Ms. Galvin asked Council to consider Boys and Girls Club summer youth programs.
Mr. Huja requested setting aside money for the JABA/Mountainside funding pending
finalization of the MOU. Ms. Szakos said the MOU process is a good way to support them. Ms.
Galvin agreed with Ms. Beauregard’s recommendation for waiting for the MOU. Ms.
Beauregard will report back to Council when the memo comes through from the JABA staff.
Council considered budget issues that did not go through ABRT process.
Ms. Galvin said it would be worth funding The FeMale Perspective as a pilot program.
Funding for youth programming is lacking. We should fund them at the same level as PHAR.
Ms. Szakos asked for outcomes for the Youth Leadership Initiative before they agreed to fund.
She said perhaps they could apply for money from the Council Priority fund. Mr. Norris said he
is interested in funding the Weekends in the Park program, especially because it is in the summer
when activities are lacking. Ms. Galvin said she could support that. Mr. Brown said the City will
need verification that the agency is a charitable organization. Ms. Bates said they work through
Virginia Organizing. They are not an independent 501 (c)(3). Mr. Brown said we have to do
more research; Council’s funding ability is limited strictly to charitable organizations. Mr.
Brown said the City does not assume liability by virtue of funding. Ms. Galvin suggested
funding for a youth program or a summer program. Ms. Szakos and Ms. Smith said they needed
more information to make a decision.
Mr. Norris recommended that the PHAR Platform work with the Housing Authority in
choosing how to use their allocation, be it towards administrative needs, the central office, or
something else.
Ms. Szakos asked what the profit of the golf fund is. Mr. Wray said last fiscal year it was
$2,000 in the red, but that was because the course had to be closed for a portion of time. The
year before, they made a $50,000 profit. He clarified that fund balance was an issue for the golf
Council asked questions about the First Tee funding structure, the curriculum, and the
enrollment structure for children based on financial need. Ms. Galvin asked why we are not
paying a percentage relative to the number of City kids participating, as we decided with the
Paramount program. Mr. Jones said First Tee is a City program. Ms. Szakos said she supports
funding so it can continue this year as planned, but she would not encourage the program to build
because we may not support it in the future. Ms. Smith said the program may not have to end,
but may have to adapt instead. Mr. Norris agreed with Ms. Smith. Ms. Galvin said we have to
seriously assess whether this is the right kind of program for us. Ms. Smith said she supports
funding at $40,000. The remainder would be covered by a $12,000 grant and potential funding
from the county in the amount of $8,000. Ms. Beauregard clarified that we need to adjust the
revenue side. Mr. Daly said they will have to approach revenues and expenditures to figure out
how to make FY13 work within this parameter. Staff will have the amendment ready for Council
by next Tuesday.
Ms. Galvin recommended taking the $20,000 difference and funding the Boys and Girls
program. Mr. Huja said there is not enough research to support this program over others. Ms.
Szakos said we should do an RFP for summer programs, inviting all non-profit charitable groups
to participate. Mr. Brown clarified that if you engage in a competitive procurement process,
there is not a requirement that the group be non-profit. Council agreed to make the total amount
$50,000, using the $30,000 they were considering for the FeMale Perspective’s Tonsler Program.
Mr. Huja asked Council if we should be so eager to spend the money. Ms. Galvin said
summer youth programs are needed and a priority. Ms. Beauregard said Council will still have
$111,000 left in the priority fund as well. Mr. Brown said an RFP does not obligate Council to
spend the funds.
Council agreed to these final amounts: to the Paramount education program, $16, 700; to
the Music Resource Center, $6,8000; to the summer program contest, $50,000; to the
JABA/Adult Care Scholarships, $12,000.
Mr. Jones said Ms. Smith’s idea of thoroughly reviewing organizations that receive
funding is a good idea. Staff can schedule a work session to accomplish this in the summer. Ms.
Galvin said we should align our budget with our priorities as well. Ms. Beauregard said she
wants to tie it into performance indicators as part of the 2014 process.
Mr. Norris asked for clarity about funding for the replacement $12,000 for adult care as a
result of loss of funding for the program United Way dropped. There are six scholarships for
City residents who will lose funding. Council voiced unanimous support.
Ms. Galvin said we should discuss why past programs have failed.
Public Comment
Ms. Penny Bosworth, Board of Directors at the Paramount Theatre and Chair of the
Education Committee, said every program we choose is in collaboration with school teachers to
reflect things that carefully meet all the SOLs. Children learn when it is fun.
Ms. Cathy vonStorch said 1,456 students were City students this year, and another 200 -
300 were on a waiting list. City students increased by 25%. There was a 50% increase in the
number of City kids who benefited from scholarship funds for tickets.
Mr. Dominique Morris, City resident, said he is a First Tee participant. Council should
not take resources from the program. It is more about golf; it is also about character. The
program includes those who have not historically had access to golf, and it changes culture.
Mr. Norris clarified that the amount of funding for First Tee is the same, but the sources
are different.
The meeting was adjourned.

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