A log of Charlottesville City Council Meetings 2008-2015. Transported from the City of Charlottesville website as a project of Smart Cville, http://www.smartcville.com.


ON Monday, June 2, 2014, AT 6:00 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference Room.
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
On motion by Ms. Galvin, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council voted, (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms.
Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None), to meet in closed session for
discussion and consideration of the acquisition of real property on Eton Road and at Old
Lynchburg Road near Interstate 64 in the City and County, both for public parks and recreation
purposes, and on McIntire Road for a public utility easement, where discussion in an open
meeting would adversely affect the City’s negotiating strategy, as authorized by Va. Code sec.
2.2-3711 (A) (3).
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council certified by the following
vote (Ayes: Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja; Noes: None), that to
the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted
from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and identified
in the motion convening the closed session were heard, discussed or considered in the closed
Council met on this date with the following members present: Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
Mr. Huja invited Ms. Charlene Green to read a proclamation in honor of the Consultative
Resource Center for School Desegregation. The families of Dr. Jim Bash, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan
Johnson, and a representative for Dr. Hank Allan's family were present to accept the
proclamation. Ms. Szakos also read a proclamation in honor of Dr. Jim Bash on behalf of
Delegate Toscano. Dr. Bash thanked Council for the recognition and said he was deeply touched
by the community action and a sense of fairness. A representative also spoke on behalf of Dr.
Hank Allan.
Mr. Huja announced that the BAR Appeal has been deferred to July 21. He announced that
the South Street Parking Report has been moved forward on the agenda and will be offered as a
public hearing.
Ms. Szakos announced the Move2Health Snack Chat summer challenge. Take a picture of
your healthy food and tag it with #M2Hsnackchat. Go to www.move2healthcentralva.org for
more information and to enter the challenge.
Ms. Szakos announced the City is a co-sponsor for the Father's Day Festival on Saturday,
June 14 from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Tonsler Park. Also, tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., a public open
house will take place to look at plans for the east side of McIntire Park. Tours will also be
Ms. Galvin invited Krista Farrell to announce summer programs for the JMRL. Ms. Farrell
invited the public to attend a variety of library-sponsored events.
Ms. Galvin announced the 2014 real estate and personal property bills have been mailed for
the first half of 2014. Please contact the Treasurer's office at 970-3146 if you have not received
your bill. The deadline is June 5.
Ms. Smith announced the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation outdoor pools are now open
for the 2014 summer season. Go to www.charlottesville.org/parksandrec for more information
on fees and hours.
Ms. Smith announced Sunday Sundowns at Washington Park, starting this Sunday, June 8
from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Washington Park pool. Additional Sunday Sundowns will take
place on July 13 and August 10. Ms. Szakos said the Sunday Sundowns were the brainchild of
Mr. Van Johnson, who is retiring after 40 years of service to the Parks and Recreation
Mr. Fenwick announced the new recycling program will begin July 1. Size adjustment
forms and additional information can be found at www.charlottesville.org/recycling.
Mr. Jim Rounsevell, 1113 Monticello Rd., said Council has an important decision to make
regarding the Belmont Bridge proposals. He said short-term focus on construction costs instead
of long-term maintenance costs is fiscally irresponsible.
Ms. Emma Ford, from Midway Manor, said there are many pedestrian seniors in walkers
and wheelchairs and asked Council to leave the parking spaces along South Street vacant.
Mr. Louis Schultz, 1809 E. Market St., said this is the seventeenth time he has come to
Council claiming City staff have violated City code and civil rights statutes.
Ms. Mary Carey, resident at 100 Ridge Street at Midway Manor, said removing the parking
is a much-needed safety precaution. She said there have been near-misses with pedestrians, and
this matter needs to be taken seriously. She asked members of the audience to stand if they have
had traffic or safety issues in the City.
Ms. Nancy Carpenter, 727 Denali Way, said housing vouchers are an important way to help
people out of poverty and reduce homelessness. She said there has been a reduction in housing
vouchers due to sequestration. She referred Council to a report called "Bending the Cost Curve".
Ms. Holly Edwards, 917 6th Street SE, said the 2011 Charlottesville Albemarle
Commission on Children and Families Taskforce on Race Disparity included a chapter on child
welfare showing African American youth are disproportionately represented in the call to action
for social services, especially in the foster care system. She said we need families and children
included in focus groups.
Mr. Jeff Warner, Piedmont Environmental Council and City resident, spoke about the Buy
Fresh, Buy Local program.
Ms. Lena Seville, 808 Altavista Ave., encouraged citizens to attend the McIntire Park East
Side Project public meetings.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said the stormwater fee is included in property tax. She
said you can confirm with your bank about whether the stormwater fee is paid out of escrow.
Mr. Owen McManus, Ridge St., said the safety of having the four spots along South Street
removed is obvious. There are many disabled pedestrians in the building, and the removal of
these spaces is making a positive difference.
Ms. Smith said she appreciated Ms. Carpenter's well-informed positions on affordable
housing; Council will have a July work session on this topic. She thanked Ms. Edwards for
coming and said the Department of Social Services will be presenting at the next meeting and
will address some of the issues she brought forward.
Mr. Fenwick said he appreciates that Mr. Rounsevell is working to give the community a
choice on the Belmont Bridge. He said VDOT has not been able to produce a copy of the repair
report that was issued on the Belmont Bridge. He said South Street is a safety issue and a matter
of how we treat our senior citizens.
Ms. Galvin said the importance of workforce housing was reiterated at the street design
meetings last week. We need to get a handle on safety, traffic, and parking, which are all
commute problems and are tied to workforce housing. She asked staff to look into what
happened with the attempts to get a medical clinic established in underserved communities. Mr.
Jones said he believes it was due to a lack of funding and grants that fell through. Other efforts
have taken place to address those concerns.
Ms. Szakos gave phone numbers for our senators and congressman and encouraged
residents to contact legislators to encourage them to expand vouchers for housing. She said Mr.
Shultz needs to follow the three minute limit, and he should show Council the information he
continues to refer to as “not yet seen”. She said staff member Barbara Ronan is one of the most
ethical people she knows. She said she was pleased Ms. Smith is going to ask for the Social
Services Department to respond to some of the concerns Ms. Edwards brought forth. Disparities
are a concern. She thanked Ms. Quinn for the information about taxes and escrow. She thanked
everyone for their remembrances of Maya Angelou.
On motion by Mr. Fenwick, seconded by Ms. Smith, the consent agenda passed
a. Minutes for May 19
b. APPROPRIATION: Virginia Department of Health Special Nutrition Program
Summer Food Service Program - $95,000 (2nd reading)
VDH Summer Food Program
c. APPROPRIATION: Appropriation of Funds from the Thomas Jefferson Planning
District Commission for Inspection and Testing Services for the JPA/Emmet
Improvements - $15,000 (2nd reading)
TJPDC Funds for JPA/Emmet Improvements
d. APPROPRIATION: Virginia Produced Planning Grant Support - $70,000 (2nd
Virginia Produced Planning Grant Support
e. APPROPRIATION: Social Services Fund Balance Transfer for Office Space ReConfiguration
- $356,785.40 (carried)
Social Services Fund Balance Transfer for Office Space Re-Configuration
f. APPROPRIATION: Gordon Avenue Library Exterior Envelope Project -
Albemarle County Reimbursement - $2,462.43 (carried)
Gordon Avenue Library Exterior Envelope Project Reimbursement
g. RESOLUTION: Funds transfer for the Parks and Recreation Office Relocation
Project - $145,000
Funds transfer for the Parks and Recreation Office Relocation Project
h. RESOLUTION: Acquisition of 1.306 Acres of Land near Jordan Park for Parkland
and Greenbelt Trail
Acquisition of 1.306 Acres of Land near Jordan Park for Parkland and Greenbelt Trail
i. ORDINANCE: Ordinance to Increase Street Cut Permit Fee from $40 to $60 (2nd
Ordinance to Increase Street Cut Permit Fee
j. ORDINANCE: Emergency Medical Services Billing Ordinance (2nd reading)
Emergency Medical Services Billing Ordinance
McGuffey Art Center Lease
Mr. Lance Stewart presented to Council. He said the McGuffey School was an asset the
City decided to invest in to form the McGuffey Arts Association, and we have had that
relationship for almost 39 years.
On motion, the public hearing was opened.
Mr. Bob Anderson, 310 12th Street NE, president of the McGuffey Arts Association, said
there are currently at least 150 members and asked members present in support of the center to
stand. He thanked Council for their support and said they are a great asset to the City with
exciting plans for the next couple of years. Mr. David McGuffey, 808 Rockland, Vice President,
said he is here to answer any questions Council may have.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Ms. Smith asked if they are a non-profit. They said they are not. She asked if they are
trying to become one. They said they have taken steps but have not yet been successful.
Ms. Smith said how this compares to the ABRT process and contractual organizations. Mr.
Jones said they do not have to go through the ABRT process for the lease.
Mr. Fenwick asked if they fundraise. Mr. Anderson said they do some fundraising, but it is
difficult because they are not a nonprofit. Mr. Fenwick said they should revisit seeking
assistance from the City when they get their 501(c)(3) designation because of the difficult
economic times for nonprofits. Mr. Anderson said they would like to get Council involved and
will keep them informed.
Ms. Szakos said she encourages them to get their 501(c)(3) so they can raise more money
from the public instead of relying entirely on rent from their tenants.
She recommended an amendment to item 10(a) number vii of the contract; this line should
be struck regarding failure to maintain their status of the nonprofit. Mr. Brown said the words
nonprofit can also be struck from the introductory paragraph.
Ms. Galvin said they should get their 501(c)(3) as soon as possible but should also maintain
their independence. She confirmed that they are coordinating with the Charlottesville Create
Ms. Smith confirmed that this relationship is comparable to the Albemarle County
Historical Society relationship. She asked for a demographic breakdown of the race, heritage,
and age of their list of renters and associates. She said this would also be a great promotional
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Galvin, the resolution passed with the
amendment. (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None.)
PUBLIC HEARING: City Market Proposals
City Market Proposals
Mr. Huja announced that Council will hear from the public but will not make a decision
until the June 16 meeting. Mr. Engel presented to Council on the City Market proposals. He
overviewed the work that has been done to date, including the Council work session on April 24.
On motion, the public hearing was opened.
Mr. Daniel Perry, 1626 St. Anne's Rd., said he is a vendor and supports the #4 Market
Square plan, which is the only floor plan comparable to what currently exists. Vehicle access in
the other plans is restricted. He said the protective roof structure is vital to protecting his product.
Ms. Cecile Gorham, 1115 Sycamore St., said she has been a vendor for 10 years and has
served on the City Market board for 20 years. She said it is important for the selection committee
to meet as many of the design criteria as possible. The future market should be considered a
public space and not a parking lot. She said she created a design matrix for Council.
Ms. Anna Askounis, 100 Lewis Mountain Cir., spoke in support of the WVS design. She
said this meets the needs of all the stakeholders involved, particularly the farmers.
Ms. Rachel Williamson, 621 Blundell Hollow Rd. in Afton, spoke in support of the Market
Square design. She said she is a vendor and has the signatures of 90 vendors and 115 customers
who believe this is the best design as well. It maintains open air visibility on all four sides, does
not give away space to retail vendors, and has many other benefits. It is the only design that
gives full vehicle access to the vendors.
Ms. Mary Kelly, 760 Lexington Ave., said she has spoken with a lot of vendors and
farmers who were in favor of design #4, Market Square. She said it is dangerous to pit farmers
and market vendors against retail space.
Mr. Alex Hancock, 2712 Eaton Rd., said we should look at the way things work for
Mr. Bryan Owensby, 720 Rockland Ave., said most of the discussion has been about what
the developers and vendors would like to see, but the general public is an important stakeholder
that cannot be left out. A large structure in the middle of the downtown area will affect our civic
life. The City should retain ownership over the property.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said she does most of her shopping at the market when it
is in season. She said design #4 has covered features that look like tractor sheds and brings the
outdoors in.
Ms. Amanda Welch, Louisa County resident and market vendor, said any of the plans are
fine because they all create a permanent place. She likes Market Square, but rotated 90 degrees.
Ms. Cat McCue, Cambridge Cir., said Council should take people of all ages into account
when making this decision.
Mr. Brevy Cannon, 710 Ridge St., said it is important to know whether this project will
span one or two City blocks. He said it would be premature to decide on a design before
knowing whether or not the second City block is available for development. He said vendors
love design #4 because they like Mr. Schenk, the design puts the market first, and he went to the
vendors first before creating the plan.
Mr. Michael Clark, Greene County, vendor since the late 1980s, said the forth proposal was
a result of Mr. Schenk realizing the market would be moved to Garrett Street if something were
not done. He said the last thing we should do is go back to square one after the decades of work
we have done on the market.
Mr. Robert Smith, 100 Ridge St., said a cooperative foods grocery store was organized
several years ago, and a revival is in the works. He said Garrett Square is the place for it. He said
he wished the City would stop using the phrase "World Class City".
Ms. Julia Williams, 751 Belmont Ave., said loss of control over the property is a concern
for the public, because it will come with constraints on how they can use the space. She said the
economics of the whole proposal should be a key part of the analysis. She said context is not
addressed in these images, particularly as it relates to 2nd Street and South Street. She said
option #4 looks like a garage.
Dr. David Brown, 1534 Rugby Ave., thanked Council, staff and Market Central for
keeping the idea of a permanent home alive for the market.
Mr. Ben Stoh, 163 Shakers Hollow Ln. in Roseland, said he is a new vendor at the market
and urged Council to support a proposal that does not take away space from the vendors and can
be completed quickly without closing the market. He thanked other customers and vendors for
coming out in support of the farmers.
Mr. Travis Pietila, Southern Environmental Law Center, said they are interested in the
market project as the law center and as neighbors. Any one of these proposals would
significantly alter the look and feel of the City. He asked Council to give careful considering to
the BAR's assessment of the project.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Ms. Szakos overviewed the comments. She said there was concern about the market being
prioritized behind retail; need for other opportunity; meeting the criteria for a healthy market;
focus on all constituents, not just the vendors; City retention of ownership over the lot; no
parking during the week; support for local agriculture; and keeping the market open during
Ms. Smith said this was a valuable public hearing.
Mr. Fenwick thanked the developers for putting forth proposals.
Mr. Galvin said we were all stymied by the results of the original study, and she thanked
Mr. Huja for insisting that something be built.
Mr. Huja said he looks forward to a vote on June 16.
PUBLIC HEARING: South Street Parking Report
South Street Parking Report
Ms. Donovan Branche presented to Council on the parking spaces at South Street. She
reviewed the steps that have been taken to date and gave an overview of the pedestrian usage for
the area in question. She reviewed the location of the requested crosswalk in relation to nearby
crossings. She reviewed the meetings held with residents of Midway Manor to date. She
reviewed the results of traffic behavior since the parking was removed. She reviewed citizen
comments in response to the parking removal.
Ms. Galvin asked Ms. Branche if she has seen the work done by the Toole Design group.
Ms. Branche said this intersection will be evaluated as part of the West Main study. Also, South
Street could be added as part of the multi-modal study.
On motion, the public hearing was opened.
Ms. Mary Gilliam, 218 W. South St., said there is a crosswalk on Water St. in the same
place and asked if it was the same distance from the proposed crosswalk. She said the crossing
at the Lewis and Clark statue is dangerous for pedestrians. She said she can see better getting out
of her driveway with the parking spaces gone. If they are replaced, a speed bump should be
Mr. Robert Smith, Midway Manor resident, said the City of New York has a zero
pedestrian death policy. He said he believes the presentation was hostile towards residents.
Dr. David Brown, 1534 Rugby Ave., said parking, traffic and pedestrian safety have
always been issues. He said removing these spaces will encourage speeding. A speed bump
would allow for parking and pedestrian safety to coexist.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Mr. Fenwick said the residents want this primarily for safety. Many residents are elderly
and disabled, many of whom do not work. They do not cross because they do not safe. Mr.
Fenwick said he would like to see a more open minded approach to addressing citizens'
Ms. Szakos asked if the City would be opened up to a law suit if we do something that is
not warranted and someone gets hurt. Mr. Brown said it could be argued that liability may be
imposed because you have created a dangerous condition.
Ms. Smith said she understands the parked cars are an obstacle to crossing. If we are
thinking about permanently eliminating those spaces, we should look to Toole Design's
proposals. It seems logical to locate a crosswalk at the driveway by Lewis and Clark. She said
Council also needs to address the lack of parking for employees, particularly at night.
Ms. Szakos said an email received from Mr. Maynard Sipe proposed rumble strips and a
concrete bump-out and asked Ms. Branche what she thought of those solutions as a way to slow
traffic. Ms. Branche said rumble strips will create a noise issue for the Midway Manor residents,
but the bump-outs may work. Ms. Szakos asked if we could implement temporary flex posts as a
possible solution.
Ms. Galvin said Mr. Sipes illustrated a good diagram and applied many of the techniques
and tools that Toole Design suggested last week. She said it is even more dangerous to remove
parking for pedestrian safety reasons, as it will remove a major buffer and increase speeding.
Ms. Galvin asked how much notice was given to residents. Ms. Branche said staff posted
signs on May 5 indicating parking would be removed from May 7 - May 23, complying with the
48 hour notice requirement. She reviewed the City's 14-day comment period for when changes
are proposed to public parking.
Mr. Huja said this is a complex and difficult problem. Removing parking will not help. A
protective bump-out and removing one parking space may help. He suggested moving the
crosswalk further east to increase visibility and provide more distance from the crosswalk at
Ridge Street. Ms. Szakos and Ms. Galvin said they were concerned about drivers pulling out of
the driveway into the crosswalk.
Ms. Branche said flex posts can be installed this week if they are in stock.
Council supported the removal of one or two spaces and the installation of bump-outs.
RESOLUTION: City of Charlottesville Strategic Plan Approval
City of Charlottesville Strategic Plan Approval
Ms. Leslie Beauregard presented to Council on the Charlottesville's Strategic Plan. She
reviewed the history of the planning process. She reviewed the vision, the mission statement,
values, strategic plan goals and objectives, and outcomes for success. Ms. Szakos noted that we
need to add an outcome for tourism on Goal 3. Ms. Galvin asked if we could get more
information about employment rates across demographics. Ms. Beauregard said staff will tweak
the wording for the outcome about residents feeling connected to the City.
Ms. Szakos said collective impact might be another good way to measure the effectiveness
of partnerships.
Ms. Beauregard reviewed next steps and said staff will follow up with Council at their
retreat in late August.
Ms. Galvin asked if there is a plan to revisit the organizational chart. Ms. Beauregard said
staff is planning to do this with the departments.
Ms. Szakos moved that Council adopt the Strategic Plan. Ms. Galvin seconded the motion.
Ms. Smith asked what happens if something is missing. Ms. Beauregard said this plan is
flexible, and staff can make adjustments as needed. Ms. Smith said growth of affordable housing
is addressed, but we should talk about securing the existing affordable housing as well.
Mr. Fenwick said he is concerned City staff will have a lot of work to do this summer on
top of their existing duties. He said he does not want to see this plan go on a shelf. Ms.
Beauregard said we are working to ensure this will not happen.
Ms. Smith requested an annual report on performance measures that mimics what is
included in the community profile of the City's Comprehensive Plan.
The resolution passed unanimously. (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr.
Fenwick, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None.)
ORDINANCE: Utility Rates (2nd reading)
Utility Rates
Ms. Sharon O'Hare, Assistant Director of Finance, reviewed the proposed rates.
Council voted; the ordinance passed. (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms.
Szakos; Noes: Ms. Smith.)
RESOLUTION: Adding CAT Advisory Board Member to PLACE
Adding CAT Advisory Board Member to PLACE
Mr. Huja asked Ms. Galvin to outline her recommendations regarding adding advisory
members to boards and commissions. Ms. Galvin recommended revising the original PLACE
resolution to add to the second paragraph, "the member from the area of multi-modal
transportation planning and/or engineering shall serve for two years". She also proposed that the
section on Membership, page two, paragraph two, second sentence, be changed to read "…and
other City-appointed advisory bodies...." may also appoint additional advisory members as
necessary. Lastly, the section on Terms of Office should be revised to say “…and in all cases be
subject to the review and approval of City Council. Members added as per the recommendation
of the Planning Commission and other City-appointed advisory bodies shall serve for two years”,
thus giving Council final say on advisory appointments. This reiterates that members will be
appointed by City Council and will be subject to approval and review of City Council. She
requested a provision for retroactive review and approval of all advisory representatives by
Council no later than July 21.
Ms. Smith asked if advisory board citizens would come to all meetings or only come in for
special projects. Ms. Szakos said they should be approved to attend all meetings because they
have specific technical expertise.
Ms. Smith said she believes placing a Council member and a Planning Commissioner on
PLACE creates over-representation. Mr. Huja said this can be a topic for discussion at the
Council retreat.
Mr. Fenwick asked for a public briefing of the PLACE Design Task Force and its purpose.
He said he believes it is acting like a shadow government.
Ms. Galvin said it is not appropriate to discuss the validity of the PLACE at this time.
Ms. Galvin moved the resolution as amended; Ms. Szakos seconded.
Mr. Jones confirmed that the committee will move the recommended appointee, who will
then apply for Council appointment.
Council approved the resolution as amended. (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr.
Fenwick, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None.)
Ms. Smith requested a discussion of staff time used for subcommittees. Ms. Szakos said
we should add this to the Council retreat agenda.
ORDINANCE: William Taylor Plaza Land Purchase and Sale Agreement Amendment (1st
of 2 readings)
William Taylor Plaza Land Purchase and Sale Agreement Amendment
Mr. Brown presented to Council and gave an overview of the item.
Mr. Huja clarified that we are here to discuss whether or not we want to grant an extension,
not to discuss the merits of the development. He said he supports a one year extension.
Ms. Smith asked if there was one extension given within the appropriate time. Mr. Brown
said that is a fair interpretation, and it was agreed that any further extension would have to come
before City Council.
Ms. Smith said this is a de novo request for sale of the land, and this requires a legal
process. Mr. Brown said an owner cannot do anything other than what the PUD requires with
the land. Ms. Szakos said this is why we have a City Attorney.
Ms. Szakos asked the applicant if he is comfortable with a six month extension. Mr.
Charlie Armstrong with Southern Development said a year would be better to give time to
formulate a plan to enact the PUD, but they can make something work in six months if they
must. Ms. Szakos confirmed that nothing precludes them from coming back to ask for another
extension in six months. Mr. Brown said there are two attorneys involved in this, and there is a
difference of opinion.
Ms. Smith asked if we are legally allowed to sell City land without seeking a public RFP.
Mr. Brown said he is not aware of any requirement to seek an RFP in order to sell City land.
Ms. Smith moved to declare the contract in default. Mr. Fenwick seconded. The motion
failed. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin.)
Ms. Szakos moved to approve the ordinance for six months. Ms. Galvin seconded. The
motion carried for a second reading.
Ms. Smith asked Mr. Armstrong if they intend to build. Mr. Armstrong said if they can,
they would like to. Ms. Smith asked if the sale price has been reevaluated since 2008. Mr.
Brown said the current assessments on these two parcels are driven largely by the existing
contract. In response to Ms. Galvin’s inquiry about workforce housing, Mr. Brown said the
approved PUD allows up to 50 residential units but does not clarify between market rate and
affordable units. He said the current assessments on these two parcels are driven largely by the
existing contract.
Mr. Fenwick asked to bring the Town Hall meetings website up to date with resolutions to
the questions and requests posed at those meetings.
Mr. Fenwick asked for a ballpark figure on how much the City spends on experts and

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