A log of Charlottesville City Council Meetings 2008-2015. Transported from the City of Charlottesville website as a project of Smart Cville, http://www.smartcville.com.


ON Monday, June 16, 2014, AT 6:00 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference Room.
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council voted, (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms.
Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None), to meet in closed session for (1)
Consultation with legal counsel regarding the negotiation of the terms and conditions for the
acquisition of a public utility easement on McIntire Road, where discussion in an open meeting
would adversely affect the City’s negotiating strategy, as authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711
(A) (3) and (7); and, (2) Consideration of the acquisition of real property on Page Street for a
public purpose, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect the City’s
negotiating strategy, as authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (3); and, (3) Discussion and
consideration of prospective candidates for appointment to City boards and commissions, as
authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (1).
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council certified by the following
vote (Ayes: Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja; Noes: None), that to
the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted
from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and identified
in the motion convening the closed session were heard, discussed or considered in the closed
COUNCIL CHAMBERS – June 16, 2014
Council met on this date with the following members present: Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
Ms. Galvin announced the Plugged in Virginia Pilot Program. She invited Lisa Climer to
speak on the program and introduce the graduates present at the meeting.
Mr. Huja announced that the Homeowner Tax Relief Grant will be on the agenda tonight.
Also, the Belmont Bridge will not be voted on tonight; a vote will take place in July.
Ms. Szakos announced that Charlene Greene was recognized as the Virginia Human Rights
Staff Person of the Year at their annual conference earlier this month.
Ms. Szakos announced Juneteenth on Friday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. at PVCC and on
Saturday from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. in the Dickinson Building parking lot. She said the
Shenandoah National Park has Neighbor Day on Saturday; entrance is free.
Ms. Smith announced the Charlottesville High School string ensemble will perform a free
concert on Thursday, June 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the CHS MLK Performing Arts Center.
Ms. Smith said Council will hold a worksession on Disproportionate Minority Contact on
Thursday, June 26 at 5:00 p.m. in CitySpace.
Mr. Fenwick announced the Better Business Challenge Awards Ceremony on June 19 at
the Paramount Theatre. Go to theparamount.net for tickets and more information.
Mr. Fenwick announced recycling changes will go into effect July 1. Go to
www.charlottesville.org/recycling for more information and for size request forms.
Ms. Galvin announced the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Update will take place on June
18 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. at CitySpace. For more information about the plan update, go to
Mr. Adam Rey, Elliot Ave., said his neighborhood has become involved in the
bike/pedestrian plan because of a recent plan to designate previous parking spaces as a bike lane.
Taking away parking spaces on the side of the road with a sidewalk is unsafe and will create
safety issues for citizens, many of whom are elderly.
Ms. Emily Dreyfus, on behalf of the Legal Aid Justice Center, commented on the
Disproportionate Contact report. She said the report does not give enough information on why
there has been a decrease in juvenile arrests. She offered open conversation on the peer-to-peer
network plan. She said police need additional training on contact with youth, including a training
protocol for how police interact with youth.
Ms. Shymora Cooper, 713 6th St., said she is speaking on behalf of PHAR. She is the
mother of three children and is concerned there is not enough support for programs in our
community that empower our youth. There is unnecessary contact with the police that makes
them feel harassed. She asked why more African American kids are incarcerated than their
White counterparts. She said there are programs doing work in our community that are being
overlooked for funding. She said the DMC task force should continue.
Ms. Deirdre Gilmore, 613 Hinton Ave., said there were community forums in July 2013
with over 200 people attending. Children have a lot of concerns and complaints. Parents do not
know where to go to get children help with mental illness. Please help so that we do not lose
more of our kids to the criminal justice system.
Ms. Jane Foster, 6 Gildersleeve Wood, said the Black community has the impression that
Black children are being treated differently than White children. She said the police need to put
officers in neighborhoods that know how to interact with the children of the neighborhood.
Ms. Edith Goode, 305 2nd St., asked Council to provide training for the police so they are
as aware and responsive to the delinquency of White children as they are to Black children.
Please support the proposed recommendations of the task force.
Mr. Louis Shultz, 1809 E. Market St., said this is the eighteenth time he has come to
Council accusing staff of violating code and civil rights statutes regarding Steephill Street.
Mr. Edward Brooks, resident of southern Albemarle, said there is a looming policy change
for the library as of July 1 that will allow for open cell phone conversations and the opportunity
to eat and drink in order to make it more inviting for young people. He said there was no option
for existing patrons to give input. They may no longer feel welcome, and they will disappear.
This policy needs public vetting.
Mr. Jeff Greer, 2708 Jefferson Park Ave., said he is here on behalf of the Fry's Spring
Neighborhood Association regarding the potential down zoning. He asked for Council's support
for advancing the debate. He said this debate has been taking place since 1999 and needs
Dr. Greg Gelburd, 1612 E. Market St., said he is a family physician and sees a lot of
underserved patients at his practice. He is frustrated by those opposed to Medicaid expansion. He
asked Council to come up with a way to steer us towards a better solution. People in our state
desperately need help with healthcare.
Ms. Terri DiCintio, 2307 Highland Ave., said the Fry's Spring neighborhood has been
grappling with the down zoning issue since 1999, and it is time to move the process forward and
give it the public forum it deserves.
Ms. Lena Seville, 808 Altavista Ave., said she has attended many of the meetings on
disproportionate minority contact. She said when they decide whether to detain youth, they use a
number score assessment with mandatory and discretionary overrides. She said there are issues
with this system.
Mr. Fenwick thanked everyone who came out to speak on the DMC report. He said he
supports addressing zoning in Fry’s Spring. He said he will talk to the library about the new
Ms. Smith said she was shocked to hear about the new library policy and would look into
it. Council has publically stated their support for Medicaid expansions. She is glad to see
corrective zoning on the agenda.
Ms. Szakos said she was on the DMC committee that produced the report and she supports
its recommendations. She said we need to talk to all the different stakeholders, including parents
and kids, to see what perceptions are there. She agreed with Ms. Gilmore that mental illness is an
important issue. She said the rules of the library have not changed, and you must stop having a
conversation if you get too loud, regardless if you are on a cell phone or not. She said she was
appalled at the state budget, but the governor has not yet signed off on it, so there is still time for
a. Minutes for June 2
b. APPROPRIATION: Social Services Fund Balance Transfer for Office Space ReConfiguration
- $356,785.40 (2nd reading)
Social Services Fund Balance Transfer for Office Space Re-Configuration
c. APPROPRIATION: Gordon Avenue Library Exterior Envelope Project -
Albemarle County Reimbursement - $2,462.43 (2nd reading)
Gordon Avenue Library Exterior Envelope Project
d. RESOLUTION: Fund Transfer for Drainage Correction at Johnson School and
Cherry Hill - $30,000
Fund Transfer for Drainage Correction at Johnson School and Cherry Hill
e. RESOLUTION: Flats at 852 West Main Comprehensive Signage Plan
f. RESOLUTION: Fund Allocation for Hope Community Center Property Purchase -
Fund Allocation for Hope Community Center Property Purchase
g. RESOLUTION: School Resolutions: Virginia Retirement System Rates and
Employee Contributions for FY 2015
School Resolutions: Virginia Retirement System Rates and Employee Contributions
h. ORDINANCE: Second Extension of Cable Television Franchise Agreement
Second Extension of Cable Television Franchise Agreement
i. ORDINANCE: William Taylor Plaza Land Purchase and Sale Agreement
Amendment (2nd reading) pulled for discussion
William Taylor Plaza Land Purchase and Sale Agreement Amendment
Ms. Smith asked to remove item i for William Taylor Plaza.
Mr. Fenwick said the City is now renegotiating the contract for Comcast, and he said he
would like to hear concerns from community members.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, the consent agenda passed
unanimously. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Galvin; Noes: None.)
PUBLIC HEARING / RESOLUTION: Belmont Bridge Update and Alternative Selection
Belmont Bridge Update and Alternative Selection
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council.
Mr. Wiley Cooke, Architect and President of MMM Design Group, presented to Council.
He reviewed the original design of the VDOT bridge in-kind replacement. He overviewed the
site plan for the enhanced bridge design and the arch design, along with the effects of their
Mr. Jim Rounsevell, representing a community-driven effort for the underpass replacement
option, showed a video overviewing the underpass idea.
Mr. Chris Wellford, with Barton Mallon, presented on the initial conceptual estimates. es.
Mr. Tolbert said staff is not making a recommendation on approach. VDOT let staff know
last week that there may actually be $2 million less to do any of these projects. In response to an
inquiry from Ms. Smith, Mr. Tolbert explained that HB2 requires all new projects go through a
prioritization process. Mr. Fenwick confirmed that no matter what option we choose, we will
potentially have less funding than originally believed.
Mr. Tolbert said we have not done a full economic study on all the options. Bolan Smart
said they did not see any difference in any of the options.
On motion, the public hearing was opened.
Mr. David Repass, 227 E. Jefferson, said this all could have been avoided. There have been
two years of discussions, and so many more questions have been raised. It is hard to answer them
all in an objective way. An independent commission should be established that will look into this
situation for all options, including costs and repair, with neighborhood, PLACE, and other
representatives. He said a PLACE committee has already been established.
Ms. Aurora Nichols, 701 Maple St., said there is a negative impact to the local
neighborhood businesses during construction and she requested relief for businesses. She said
the quality of construction materials on the JPA bridge sidewalks are very slippery when wet.
Mr. Thomas Rahal, 904 Monticello Rd., spoke in support of the underpass and pedestrian
bridge project. This makes the City safer and more connected for all.
Mr. Peter Krebs, 1022 Tufton Ave., thanked the Project Gateway team. Their design shows
what the City deserves. He said the foot bridge is central to the project, and no one knows how
that will be paid for.
Ms. Annette Wilcox, 1400 Monticello Rd., said we need to find a way to keep trains from
blocking traffic.
Dr. Greg Gelburd, 1612 E. Market St., said he is concerned about health for our citizens.
The current bridge is not inviting to pedestrians. It is dangerous and dusty. He said he supports
the underpass design and believes it is brilliant.
Ms. Amy Gardner, 753 Belmont Ave., said our City cannot afford to miss this unique
opportunity to create an innovative solution. This is more than just replacing a bridge. The
underpass proposal creates many new opportunities.
Mr. Kevin Burk, 614 Park St., said too much time has passed without a real process. The
underpass will take us to the next century. He agreed with Mr. Repass that we should be able to
compare all designs fairly. He said we should follow vision, principles and process as you
deliberate on this project.
Mr. Hunter Smith, 807 Bolling Ave., owner of Champion Brewing Company, said they
have the most foot traffic of any company in the neighborhood. He supports the underpass
because it provides connectivity and safe pedestrian access to businesses in Belmont. This gives
the City an opportunity to eliminate a physical barrier.
Mr. Mark Kavit, 400 Altamont St., said ultimately the issue of the bridge is going to come
down to money, but we should focus on what would be the most architecturally attractive
concept. He asked to delay a decision until the documents Councilor Fenwick requested have
been provided. He supported forming a bridge commission.
Mr. Rolf Braun, 1120 E. High St., said the underpass is a bad idea and does not provide
more than what the less expensive enhanced bridge does. The underpass makes access to the
Martha Jefferson neighborhood worse than a bridge option.
Ms. Liz Bordonia, 910 Belmont Ave., said the current bridge was clearly built for cars, not
pedestrians. She supports the underpass because it is best for pedestrians and bikers.
Mr. Brian Wimer, 712 Graves St., said he supports the underpass design. He said Council
should not worry about funding, because it will come.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said we have created a canyon on West Main Street, and
another canyon will potentially be created on Market Street. We have an option to open space
with an underpass. She said outrageously high cost estimates are made to scare us away from
thoughtful alternatives.
Mr. Allan Webb, 854 Nalle St., said the Belmont Bridge is the only negative part of his
daily pedestrian experience. An attractive pedestrian bridge will attract younger citizens.
Ms. Brooke Swill, 1018 Avon St., said fixing the current bridge was not put forward as an
option tonight and should be added to the debate.
Mr. Adam Frazier, 707 Graves St., said he can see the bridge from his house. He said it
seems CSX is commandeering our plans and asked why we have to do so much to accommodate
them. Ten years from now, the railroad may not even be a viable economy. We should repair the
bridge now and save for the underpass option.
Mr. Scott Bandy, 1639 Cherry Ave., said he does not trust that there have not been
overruns on this project. He said the underpass compares to the grade separated interchange
project on 29.
Mr. Brevy Cannon, 710 Ridge St., said the underpass is a strong example of citizen
Ms. Lena Seville, 808 Altavista Ave., thanked staff and Barton Mallow for the independent
review of grades and costs. She said the underpass may not be safe for trucks and possibly buses.
The underpass is not as pedestrian friendly with the grades. The pedestrian bridge should not be
confused with the underpass.
Having no further speakers, the public hearing was closed.
Council took a brief recess.
Mr. Fenwick said he did not know until tonight that we were going to see $2 million less
from VDOT. He said he did not receive the MMM report until Friday afternoon, and he
understands why people feel out of the loop. He agreed with Mr. Repass's idea about a bridge
Ms. Smith said she liked the suggestion of getting a schematic of the span of the current
bridge imposed on each of the design alternatives to get a perspective. She said we should see the
various slopes of the alternatives from minimum to maximum and asked about ADA compliance.
She asked about the pedestrian bridges and their availability to Pavilion events.
Ms. Galvin said it is important to have consistent drawings on the same scale. She would
like to see scale drawings and a site plan for the underpass option. She outlined her standards for
evaluating the project.
Ms. Szakos said she appreciated the community's participation over the past five years and
agreed that a simple replacement would be a missed opportunity.
Mr. Tolbert requested the vote be moved to July 21 to allow for ample time to compile
materials. Mr. Huja agreed.
City Market Design
Mr. Brian Daly reviewed the timeline of the City Market project. Mr. Huja asked each
Councilor to say which plan they favor.
Mr. Fenwick said all proposals contained good information. He said the four main
constituent groups are local citizens, citizens from surrounding counties, vendors, and the
tourists. Based on feedback from those four groups, he favors the Market Plaza design by Keith
Woodward. He said it is the best deal financially for the City.
Ms. Smith said she had several one-on-one conversations with vendors. All proposals were
interesting, but none of them had everything that was important for vendors. The WVS plan is
too much, and she feared we would not be able to absorb a development of that size. She
preferred the Market Plaza design. She said she is concerned with how much financial risk the
City will assume with any of the proposals.
Ms. Szakos said she worked to consider all constituents and make the decision that is best
for the entire City. She supports the Market Plaza design because it best addresses most of the
needs of the market. The City will have control over the public plaza where the market takes
place, which the other proposals did not offer. She said she is concerned about access to vendor
vehicles, the need to have water and outlets for the vendors, and deliveries to the retail
establishments in the building.
Ms. Galvin said she appreciates that Council is reaching a consensus on the Market Plaza
so easily. It provides an important balance, including much-needed office space and genuine
public space with the open plaza.
Mr. Huja said he appreciated Council’s support of the RFP. He also supports the Market
Plaza. He thanked Dick Schenk for bringing this idea up again after many years. He says this
provides very good mixed use development as well as an important public space for the market
itself. The City will control the plaza, which is important.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Mr. Fenwick, Council voted to accept the proposal
from Market Plaza and begin negotiations for sale. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Fenwick, Mr. Huja; Noes: None.)
Disproportionate Minority Contact
Mr. Mike Murphy presented to Council. He thanked members of the task force and staff
for their work on this project. He overviewed the outcomes from the report and offered
conclusions and recommendations. He said African American children are entering the system in
disproportionate numbers. However, once they are in, there does not seem to be a difference in
treatment. Recommendations include regular training for police, youth, and the juvenile justice
professionals, independent from grant money; providing greater delinquency prevention and
support to families within the community; analysis of policies and procedures; and support for
the School Board in continuing to implement policies and programs to reduce the occurrence of
disproportionally in suspensions, school-based arrests, and referrals.
Mr. Todd Warner and Ms. Tammi Walker, project researchers from the University of
Virginia, came forward to answer questions.
Ms. Smith asked if they looked for any correlation with kids who are getting into trouble
and their academic achievement, particularly literacy. They said they have not; she encouraged
them to do so. She said it is important going forward to use evidence-based solutions and have
accountability for the data we are using.
Ms. Galvin asked if there is a budget for sustaining and institutionalizing this effort. Ms.
Szakos asked if UVA can participate in bringing resources in to this effort. Mr. Murphy said we
may be ready to do phase one of the training with current grant money. Doing more extensive
training across the board may require money from Council, and that may come up in the FY16
budget. In response to an inquiry from Ms. Galvin, Mr. Murphy said we will continue pursuing
opportunities to involve and engage youth.
Ms. Szakos said she is glad so many constituencies came together to discuss this problem.
She said this work enables us to get grants more easily.
Mr. Fenwick asked what it is about the intake process that causes disproportionate contact.
Mr. Warner said there are differences in the types of crimes kids are getting referred to intake
for. Mr. Murphy said more African American children are referred to intake than their White
counterparts, but what happens during the process is not different.
Social Services Advisory Board Annual Report
Ms. Anne Broccoli gave an overview of the Social Services Advisory Board’s annual
report to Council.
Ms. Szakos asked about rapid rehousing, peer-to-peer talk, and the need to examine foster
care for disparities. She asked if there is disproportionality by race in foster care. Ms. Kuknyo
said some may be based on race, but much of it seems to be based more on economics.
Reunification rates for Black and multi-cultural families within 12 months is better than for
White families.
Mr. Fenwick asked how many children are waiting for foster care. Ms. Kuknyo said there
are never children waiting for care because of the nature of the program, but there is always a
need for foster parents.
Ms. Smith thanked Ms. Kuknyo for working with Ms. Holly Edwards on her research and
concerns about foster care. She said Council needs a snapshot of what the reasons children go
into foster care are, because this can help inform our decisions. She said research shows how
traumatic it can be to take children from their homes, even in abusive situations. She said Social
Services should explore a navigator program. Ms. Kuknyo said discretionary funds are
important for programs like this.
Ms. Galvin said she is concerned there is a disconnect between the Office of Economic
Development, Social Services, and adult education opportunities.
Franklin Street One-Way Pilot
Ms. Donovan Branche presented to Council. She summarized the request for Franklin
Street and reviewed the options and their potential positive and negative consequences. Ms.
Szakos asked if the pilot can run for less than a year. Ms. Branche said that was possible. Ms.
Szakos suggested running Franklin Street one way southbound for six months, seeking a lot of
public and business engagement and input.
Mr. Watts said CARS needs it to go north to south in order to get to the hospital.
Ms. Smith asked if we considered shutting it down all together past the current business.
Ms. Galvin asked if we could look at truck routes at the same time. She asked if removing
trucks would make it feasible to make it two-way again. She said we should study the
ramifications of traffic patterns in the region around Franklin Street.
Ms. Julie Coiner, 411 2nd St. NE, said her family owns part of the Self Storage. She said if
the street is one way going south, trucks cannot come in from Market St. because there is not
enough room to make the corner.
Mr. Bill Emory agreed it would be devastating to say the Self Storage can only be
approached from the north. He suggested implementing one way traffic from Market Street to E.
Market Street, then open it to two ways to the south.
Ms. Carrie Rainey said there are some inherent problems with having a street one way midblock.
It would have to be heavily regulated by signage. Ms. Szakos asked if we could have a
stop sign at the entrance to the business. Ms. Branche said we would have to do a warrant before
installing a stop sign.
Ms. Coiner said there are already signs on Market St. telling trucks they cannot turn there.
That is why all trucks come from the other way. She said there does not seem to her to be much
pedestrian traffic there.
Ms. Szakos moved to approve a six month pilot from Market St. to the driveway of the
existing business with appropriate signage, conduct a traffic study, and engage citizens and
businesses. Ms. Galvin seconded, with the addition of a clearly marked pedestrian pathway. Ms.
Smith said we should be sure we give adequate notice to the neighborhoods. The resolution
passed. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Galvin; Noes: None.)
Consideration of Potential Downzoning in Fry's Spring Neighborhood
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council.
Ms. Szakos asked who has standing to bring a request for rezoning. Mr. Brown said
rezoning can be initiated by Council. Ms. Szakos asked if this would stand legally because of the
impression of spot zoning. She would not support rezoning ultimately, so she does not think it is
a good use of time to institute a study. She said she does not hear support from three Councilors.
Ms. Galvin said the neighborhood has asked for a public hearing. We are proponents of
engagement, and this is one way to engage this community about issues related to their land
Mr. Huja said you have to prove what change has happened to warrant initiation. Ms.
Galvin said she wants the neighborhood to feel heard but does not want to give them false hope
for change. Ms. Smith said we do not have the information we need to make a decision.
Mr. Brown said Council has received feedback from the Cresmont area but not from other
neighbors, and some may not be aware of this. Mr. Tolbert said we would distribute notice, but
some may be caught off guard.
Ms. Smith moved to initiate the downzoning consideration. Ms. Galvin asked why certain
properties were singled out. Mr. Tolbert said the Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association has not
looked at these properties as being in their neighborhood for many years.
Mr. Huja suggested having a public hearing before deciding to initiate the rezoning
Ms. Smith’s motion was seconded by Mr. Fenwick.
Council voted to initiate the downzoning consideration. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr.
Fenwick, Ms. Galvin; Noes: Ms. Szakos.)
MEAL TAXES FOR GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES (passed: 1st and 2nd readings)
Amendment to Chapter 30
Mr. Todd Divers presented to Council. The Business Tax Supervisor, Mr. Popelaum, said
they are responding to requests from the business community to clarify how they handle UVA
with respect to transient occupancy tax and meals tax. The request is to do away with the state
and local government exemption when it comes to occupancy and clarify when state and local
governments would get the exemption for meals tax.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Galvin, the ordinance was moved to a second
reading. On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council voted to waive the second
reading and pass the ordinance. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick, Ms.
Galvin; Noes: None.)
ORDINANCE: HOMEOWNER TAX RELIEF GRANT - 2014 (passed: 1st and 2nd
Homeowner Tax Relief Grant - 2014
On motion by Ms. Smith, seconded by Ms. Szakos, the ordinance was moved to a second
reading. On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council voted to waive the second
reading and pass the ordinance. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick, Ms.
Galvin; Noes: None.)
Whale Tail Sculpture
Mr. Brian Daly presented to Council. He reviewed the maintenance lease from 2012, which
expires in July of this year.
Ms. Szakos asked if Art In Place would put something in the space immediately. Staff said
the jury will take place in July for placement in October.
Ms. Szakos said she has enjoyed the whale tail very much but is willing to let it go and
move on. This space was meant to be transient.
On motion by Mr. Fenwick, seconded by Ms. Galvin, Council voted to extend the lease by
six months then require removal of the sculpture upon the lease expiration. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos,
Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Galvin; Noes: None.)
OTHER BUSINESS: William Taylor Plaza Land Purchase and Sale Agreement
Ms. Smith asked where the right of way was that would require a supermajority. Mr.
Brown said it is on the Ridge Street side. Mr. Armstrong said the right of way they are proposing
to require is not the sidewalk; it is behind the sidewalk.
Ms. Smith said she strongly disagrees that this is legal. Ms. Szakos said we have been
through the process on this item.
Council voted to pass the ordinance. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja, Ms. Galvin; Noes: Ms.
Smith, Mr. Fenwick.)
OTHER BUSINESS: Albemarle County Office Building Rezoning Request
Ms. Szakos read a resolution to initiate a rezoning of the Albemarle County Office
Building. Ms. Galvin seconded the resolution.
The resolution passed. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja, Ms. Galvin, Ms. Smith, Mr.
Fenwick; Noes: None.)
Ms. Szakos requested adding online engagement to an upcoming agenda. Mr. Huja said we
will discuss this at the next meeting. Ms. Szakos requested the Our Town website be updated.
Mr. Bill Emory, 1604 E. Market St., said a map should be part of Council materials when
road issues are being discussed.
Meeting adjourned.

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