A log of Charlottesville City Council Meetings 2008-2015. Transported from the City of Charlottesville website as a project of Smart Cville, http://www.smartcville.com.


ON Tuesday, September 2, 2014, AT 6:00 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference Room.
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council voted, (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms.
Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None), to meet in closed session for (1)
Discussion and consideration of prospective candidates for appointment to City boards and
commissions, and a discussion of the performance evaluation of the City Manager, all as
authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (1); and, (2) Discussion of the acquisition of real
property for public parks and trails, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect
the negotiating strategy of the City, as authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (3). The
general locations of the properties are: Angus Road; St. Clair Avenue; Kenwood Lane; Adjacent
to Old Lynchburg Road across form Azalea Park.
On motion by Ms. Galvin, seconded by Ms. Szakos, Council certified by the following
vote (Ayes: Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja; Noes: None), that to
the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted
from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and identified
in the motion convening the closed session were heard, discussed or considered in the closed
COUNCIL CHAMBERS – September 2, 2014
Council met on this date with the following members present: Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
Mr. Fenwick read a proclamation in honor of the Pride Festival, which is taking place on
Saturday, September 13 from 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Lee Park. Ms. Amy Sarah Marshall was
present to accept the proclamation and thanked Council for their support.
Ms. Galvin announced the ribbon cutting and open house for the newly opened Downtown
Job Center on Wednesday, September 10 from 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Contact Hollie Lee at 970-
3117 for more information.
Ms. Szakos announced several upcoming City events, including the McIntire Park East
open house, the Chamber of Commerce Job Summit, the Council Town Hall meeting at Carver
Recreation Center, and the Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Conference.
Ms. Smith announced Charlottesville was named one of The Top 10 Best College Towns
by Livability.com. Ms. Smith also announced A Community Conversation with Jeff Speck will
take place September 4 at 5:00 p.m. at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.
Go to charlottesvilletomorrow.org for more information and to register.
Mr. Fenwick announced TOUCH the Band will perform on Friday, September 12 at 8:30
p.m. at the Carver Recreation Center. Call 970-3053 to purchase tickets.
Ms. Szakos said Charlottesville was named one of the Top 10 Quirky Cities in America.
Ms. Lorrie Delahanty, 645 Evergreen Ave., asked Council to direct the Parks Department
to end the use of garden pesticides in parks, public spaces, school yards and athletic fields.
Ms. Pat Napoleon, said she was told she could not speak about the Fry's Spring rezoning
because of a previously held public hearing. This is overly controlling of citizen input, and it is
unhealthy and unwise. This restricts public comment and freedom of speech.
Ms. Barbara Cruickshank, Parkway St., spoke in support of the pesticide-free park
movement. Herbicide 24-D, which is being used in parks and on school grounds, has been shown
to cause health problems and genetic damage in humans.
Mr. John Heyden, Westwood Rd., said the taxpayers should not fund social programs or
the businesses on the Downtown Mall. He said the Ferguson meeting was nothing more than
cop-shaming, and the City hides racial statistics for crimes.
Mr. Brandon Collins, 418 Fairway Ave., said the City has a long history of targeting the
Black community in spite of Whites committing the majority of crimes. He said he supports the
residents of Midway Manor. He said PHAR has recommendations regarding the housing
authority, and he distributed a letter to Councilors.
Ms. Mary Carey, 100 Ridge St., at Midway Manor, said the City put back the six parking
spaces that they originally asked Council to remove. There is now a bump in front of 226 South
Street, which faces the garage loading door. This is more dangerous as a crosswalk then when
the cars were there. The plastic stoppers do slow down traffic. She said only one resident is
benefitting from the new configuration.
Ms. Emily Dreyfus, on behalf of the Legal Aid Justice Center, thanked Mr. Jones for the
work put into his proposal regarding CRHA and asked Council to support his recommendations.
She asked Council to take additional steps to improve CRHA and ensure collaboration and
Ms. Josephine Morrison, 920 Page St., thanked Council for getting rid of the parking on a
temporary basis because now they can get through the street and can park on their own block.
She asked for an update.
Mr. Gordon Ray Thatcher, 704 Rockcreek Rd., said he moved back to Charlottesville from
El Paso, Texas. He said Charlottesville is a beautiful community. He addressed the issue of City
code ordinance in regards to maintenance of personal property, such as knee-high grass, tires on
private property visible to nearby residents, and trash. This includes residential, business, and
City-owned property. He said there is trash on both sides of the fence walking under Avon St.
and along the sidewalk. He said he would volunteer as an intern for the City enforcement office
to help with this issue.
Ms. Donna Shaughnessy, Executive Director of JAUNT, updated Council on their work in
the community over the past year. She announced Mr. Brad Sheffield will replace her as
Executive Director in March, and Ms. Karen Davis will take over as Assistant Director.
Mr. John Gaines, 10th and Page St. neighborhood, said he attended and graduated from the
segregated Jackson P. Burley high school, which did not have a twelfth grade at the time. He
asked how many African Americans reside in Charlottesville, what percent of eligible Blacks
voted in the last municipal election, what is the unemployment rate in Charlottesville, what is the
employment rate in Charlottesville for African Americans, how many police officers are there in
Charlottesville, how many African American police officers are there, how many departments
are there in the City, and how many of the departments are headed by African Americans. He
said those are questions for Council to think about between now and the upcoming Our Town
meeting for the 10th & Page neighborhood.
Ms. Holly Edwards, 917 6th St. SE, said current decisions about parking and buildings are
destined to change West Main St. as we know it. A sign going up at one of the new businesses
shows beer in a barrel. Redevelopment is not about constructing buildings, but building new
lives and opportunities; if carefully planned, it can be done well. We tend to lose the history of
our African American community. Charlottesville native C. Hearn Taylor, a retired judge and
long-time community activist, died in New Orleans last month. We must never forget the great
accomplishments of the many African Americans in our community.
Ms. Smith thanked Ms. Shaughnessy for her work with JAUNT. She said she supports
First Amendment rights and agrees with Ms. Napoleon that further comment should be allowed
after a public hearing. She asked for an explanation from staff about what happened with South
Ms. Szakos asked for a report from staff on parking in the Page St. neighborhood. She is
hopeful that we can find a place for Mr. Thatcher's offer of volunteerism. She said we will get
answers to Mr. Gaines at the Our Town meeting on September 11. She thanked Ms. Edwards for
bringing the history forward.
Ms. Galvin acknowledged Ms. Shaughnessy for her years of service with JAUNT. She
asked what the City's approach is to pesticides and asked for an update on the parking issue on
South Street. She said it is important to be intentional about creating job opportunities for the
low income population in our community. We need to tie local projects to local jobs and local
Mr. Fenwick thanked Mr. Thatcher for his offer of service and said we will be sure to put
him to work. He said the message of eliminating pesticides everywhere is very important. He
said he appreciated Ms. Carey's participation in the meeting.
Mr. Huja said the state law requires that public hearings be advertised in advance. To allow
people to speak again at this time without an announcement would be illegal.
a. Minutes for August 18
b. APPROPRIATION: Strategies for Youth Training - $27,778 (2nd reading)
Strategies for Youth Training
c. APPROPRIATION: Peace Lutheran Church Donation for Ongoing Recruitment of
Foster Families - $3,900 (2nd reading)
Peace Lutheran Church Donation for Ongoing Recruitment of Foster Families
d. APPROPRIATION: Check and Connect Student Engagement Continuation Grant
- $64,860 (2nd reading)
Check and Connect Student Engagement Continuation Grant
e. APPROPRIATION: Adoptions Through Collaborative Partnerships Grant -
$84,000 (2nd reading)
Adoptions Through Collaborative Partnerships Grant
f. APPROPRIATION: Albemarle County Reimbursement for Gordon Avenue
Library Exterior Envelope Project - $1,325 (2nd reading)
Albemarle County Reimbursement for Gordon Avenue Library Exterior Envelope
g. APPROPRIATION: Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Grant
(VJCCCA) - $452,704 (2nd reading)
Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Grant
h. APPROPRIATION: Police Vehicle and Related Equipment Purchase - $213, 758
Police Vehicle and Related Equipment Purchase
i. APPROPRIATION: Grant for City Swim Program from Bama Works Fund of the
Dave Matthews Band - $5,000 (carried)
Grant for City Swim Program from Bama Works Fund of the Dave Matthews Band
j. APPROPRIATION: Charlottesville/Albemarle Adult Drug Treatment Court Grant
Award - $205,000 (carried)
Charlottesville/Albemarle Adult Drug Treatment Court Grant Award
k. APPROPRIATION: Virginia Homelessness Solutions Grant(VHSP) - $618,552
Virginia Homelessness Solutions Grant(VHSP)
l. APPROPRIATION: Victim Witness Assistance Program Grant - $176,001 (carried)
Victim Witness Assistance Program Grant
m. RESOLUTION: Proposed Loan for BID Support for the Downtown Mall - $55,000
Proposed Loan for BID Support for the Downtown Mall
n. ORDINANCE: County Office Building Rezoning (2nd reading)
County Office Building Rezoning
o. ORDINANCE: Rugby Road Conservation District (2nd reading)
Rugby Road Conservation District
p. ORDINANCE: Permit Parking Zone Ordinance Update (carried)
Permit Parking Zone Ordinance Update
q. ORDINANCE: Delinquent Tax Lists Ordinance Update (carried)
Delinquent Tax Lists Ordinance Update
r. ORDINANCE: Investment Committee Ordinance Change (carried)
Investment Committee Ordinance Change
s. ORDINANCE: Quitclaim Gas Easement to VDOT - Shannon Glen Court (carried)
Quitclaim Gas Easement to VDOT - Shannon Glen Court
Mr. Fenwick said we see the BAMA works fund contributing to the City often and thanked
this charitable organization for their contributions from the Dave Matthews Band.
Ms. Szakos noted that the consent agenda contains almost $2 million in grants that are not
funded by local taxes and thanked people who pursue these funding opportunities.
Ms. Smith requested a map of all the permit parking areas in the City and asked whether
we ever revisit whether they are still needed. Regarding item s., she asked if there is a gas line in
the easement. Mr. Brown said this is a requirement of VDOT, who will not accept the road into
the public highway system with an easement.
On motion by Ms. Smith, seconded by Ms. Szakos, the consent agenda passed
unanimously. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: None.)
Granting an Easement for Schenks Branch Interceptor
Ms. Lauren Hildebrand, Director of Utilities, presented to Council. Staff recommends
approval of the ordinance.
Mr. Fenwick asked for clarification on the difference between a permanent and a temporary
Ms. Szakos asked if we pay attention to whether or not plantings are native. Ms.
Hildebrand said we do and are coordinating with the Parks Department on this.
Ms. Smith asked if we will lose trees during construction. Ms. Hildebrand said we will
lose a few small trees.
On motion, the public hearing was opened.
Ms. Bitsy Waters, Chair of the Tree Commission, said we need to balance underground
needs with the preservation and enhancement of the City's overhead tree canopy. The allowable
list of trees is unduly prohibitive. She asked for added language saying the maximum tree
protection would be required.
Having no further speakers, the hearing was closed.
Ms. Smith said we should use Ms. Carrie Rainey and our expertise on the Tree
Commission and PLACE to review the language used in easement agreements. She said this is
not just about loss of trees, but also damage to existing trees.
Mr. Fenwick said he supported stronger language about trees. Ms. Waters suggested
striking the words "with plantings selected from the Authority’s list of approved plants" from the
second page of the deed of easement.
Ms. Szakos said she sees why the Tree Commission would be useful to have in that
conversation, but she is not sure why PLACE would be necessary for this piece. Ms. Smith said
they are likely to have updated best practices.
Ms. Szakos moved the ordinance, with the suggested line removed from the deed. Ms.
Smith seconded the ordinance with the suggested change. The motion carried.
Schenk's Branch Interceptor - Albemarle County Office Building
Ms. Hildebrand presented to Council and outlined staff recommendations.
Mr. Fenwick asked if this resolution would mean lanes could be added to McIntire Road.
Staff said it does not. The City Attorney said the City retains authority over whether the road is
widened or not.
Ms. Smith said she assumes Schenk’s sewer lines have not been upgraded, and this will
help our efforts. Ms. Hildebrand said it will.
On motion by Ms. Galvin, seconded by Ms. Szakos, the resolution was approved. (Ayes:
Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: None.)
Charlottesville Redevelopment & Housing Authority Update
Mr. Huja reiterated that this is a report seeking general direction, and no decision will be
made tonight.
Mr. Jones reported to Council on the City's review of the Charlottesville Redevelopment &
Housing Authority (CRHA) and provided an overview of his proposals as outlined in the Council
materials. The total cost of implementing the proposed items is $200,000 – $215,000.
Mr. Fenwick said he would like to hear from the CRHA Chairman of the Board and the
Executive Director during a work session. He asked Mr. Jones to factor in the cost of existing
staff's time as part of this initiative.
Ms. Galvin said it is important to examine the long-term sustainability of positions that are
currently being funded out of the housing fund. She asked for a plan to activate the CDC
(Charlottesville Development Corporation) or a redevelopment authority to generate its own
funds to pay for these positions on a long-term basis. Mr. Jones said this is an important
conversation for Council to have with the Housing Authority at a work session. Ms. Szakos
asked who the positions would report to. Mr. Jones said the modernization coordinator would
report to the CRHA, and the redevelopment coordinator position would report to the
redevelopment entity, be it the CDC or another body.
Ms. Smith said she is concerned about the self-sufficiency expert. She wants reassurance
this is different from what we have done before, and she said we need to examine how this
meshes with the existing peer-to-peer network.
Mr. Huja said he supports the need for a redevelopment coordinator, and he said the
process will take at least five or six years.
Fry's Spring Rezoning
Ms. Creasy presented to Council and reviewed the history of the rezoning item.
Ms. Smith said parts of the Fry's Spring neighborhood are poised to be designated as
historic. One of the sectors identified in the resolution is within the historic district and is one of
the most important parts of the historic district because it is the original part, and that is Stribling.
Ms. Galvin asked how this would be different than a conservation area. Ms. Creasy said
this area of the City is going through round one, and they may move to the next round. This
would be the state designation, and then the local designation could come.
On motion by Ms. Smith, the following ordinance was proposed:
WHEREAS, on June 16, 2014, in response to a request presented by the Fry’s Spring
Neighborhood Association this City Council adopted a resolution to initiate a rezoning process
That would remove the “R-2” zoning district classification within certain properties and areas
referenced In the resolution, and council directed the Planning Commission to study and
recommend to City Council An appropriate single-family zoning district classification to replace
the “R-2” classification (hereinafter, The “Proposed Rezoning”); and
WHEREAS, a joint public hearing on the Proposed Rezoning was held before the City
Council and Planning Commission on August 12, 2014, following notice to the public and to
adjacent property owners as required by law, identifying 356 properties as being zoned R-2
within the areas referenced in City Council’s initiating resolution; and
WHEREAS, legal notice of the public hearing held on august 12, 2014 was advertised in
accordance with Va. Code sec. 15.2-2204; and
WHEREAS, this Council further finds and determines that some of the area in the proposed
resolution are more appropriate for rezoning than others;
WHEREAS, this Council further finds and determines that the properties on Stribling Ave
and Jefferson Park Ave play an integral role in the historic fabric of the Fry’s Spring
neighborhood as evidenced by the boundaries established in the historic district designation;
WHEREAS, the proposed properties on Stribling and Jefferson Park Avenue lie within a
beautiful and diverse historic neighborhood with significant buildings both big and small, with
mature trees and graceful streets;
WHEREAS, a rezoning to R-1 (S) will preserve the character, livability, and sustainability
of the neighborhood;
WHEREAS, a rezoning aligns with the city’s comprehensive planning goals to cherish and
interpret its historic resources and heritage;
WHEREAS, a grassroots concern from residents who were troubled that the neighborhoods
character and livability would be threatened by increasing re-development pressure;
WHEREAS, a rezoning will address the threat of historic building demolition, the removal
of historical trees and the construction of incompatible new buildings that will compromise the
architectural character of the Fry’s Spring historic district;
WHEREAS, City Council has recently used re-zoning as a reliable legal basis for
continued protection of the historic buildings and landscapes in the rugby road neighborhood;
WHEREAS, this council further finds and determines that the R-1 (S) classification is
reasonable, and the most appropriate;
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Charlottesville,
Virginia that the zoning District map incorporated in section 34-1 of the zoning ordinance of the
code of the City of Charlottesville, 1990, as amended, be and hereby is amended and reenacted
as follows: Section 34-1. Zoning district map. Rezoning from R-2 (two-family residential) to R-1
(S) (single-family residential – small lot) each of the 68 parcels of land, located on Stribling Ave
and Jefferson Park Ave as listed on Attachment A to this ordinance.
Mr. Fenwick seconded the motion.
Mr. Huja said he believes Ms. Smith's motion would be illegal, and he does not support it.
In response to Ms. Szakos, Mr. Brown clarified that applying the zoning to fewer parcels as
long as all the parcels that are subject to the motion were part of the original advertisement, is
Ms. Szakos said we have to make a decision based on whether or not anything has changed
since this decision was reached. She agreed that it is not a legal down zoning and she is
uncomfortable supporting it. She encouraged the neighborhood to consider seeking historic
overlay designation as a more appropriate way to go forward.
Ms. Smith said we have never gotten an answer as to why some of these areas were
Ms. Galvin said she did not agree to vote for a rezoning of Lyman Street in Belmont for the
same reasons why she does not agree with the zoning in this case. It is a law and should be
predictable, not subject to particular desires. She said she empathizes with the community and
believes we have tools in hand and must apply them in a concerted fashion.
Mr. Fenwick said we will have more density, and neighborhoods close to the University
will lose their character.
Mr. Huja made a substitute motion to deny the rezoning. Ms. Szakos seconded the motion.
The vote to substitute the motion was called and passed. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja, Ms.
Galvin; Noes: Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith.)
Mr. Huja called for a vote to adopt the substitute motion to deny the rezoning. (Ayes: Ms.
Szakos, Mr. Huja, Ms. Galvin; Noes: Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith.)
Mr. Huja suggested the neighborhood work with staff to explore the possibility of the
conservation district.
Ms. Smith suggested that it may be time after eleven years to take a comprehensive look at
zoning across the City. Ms. Galvin said this is what we are doing with the code audit.
RESOLUTION: Belmont Bridge Steering Committee Charge
RESOLUTION: Signals Coordination Project
RESOLUTION: Bridge Repair Transfer - $1,500,000
Road Projects Update
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council on road projects, including the Belmont Bridge, 250
Interchange, Old Lynchburg Road, Hillsdale Drive Extended, Route 29 solutions, adaptive
signals, and bridge repair.
Mr. Tolbert reviewed the revised charge to the Belmont Bridge Steering Committee. Ms.
Galvin read her proposed edits aloud.
Ms. Smith said she wanted to be sure the steering committee members understand that their
role is to be our representatives and not work in support of their own views.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, the Belmont Bridge Steering
Committee charge passed as revised. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr.
Fenwick; Noes: None.)
Charge to Belmont Bridge Steering Committee
1. Represent the Community in working to achieve a quality design for the replacement of
the Belmont Bridge with the following goals:
• To replace an insufficient and deteriorating bridge for traffic and pedestrian usage
• To improve pedestrian and bicycle access along this corridor from the Belmont
neighborhood to the downtown mall and 9th Street
• To improve aesthetics along this corridor and linkage to downtown
• To create a “gateway” to downtown from the south
• To create synergy for economic development
• To minimize disturbing existing utilities
• To minimize disruption of the CSXT active rail-line and railroad operations
2. Using the following community suggested criteria for an enhanced bridge work with
the design team to achieve the appropriate design:
• Bridge is the Gateway into the City
• Maintain 25 MPH Speed Limit
• Two lanes – one in each direction
• “Should be a Pedestrian Experience”
• Views from the Bridge are Spectacular
• Design – Innovative, entertaining
• Improve North & South Intersections along 9th Street
• Separate Pedestrian zone from vehicle & Bike Zone
• Reduce Span
• Enhance the Landscape Elements on the Approaches Design
• Accent Lighting to showcase Bridge
• Bike Lanes 10.0’, Pedestrian Lanes 10.0’, Traffic Lanes 11.0’
3. Meet with the design team and City staff at key moments in the process to inform the
design in a timely manner, to give guidance and review designs. It is anticipated that a
minimum of six (6) pre-construction meetings and two (2) community-wide
engagement events will occur as follows:
• Initial meeting to meet team and discuss general design guidelines and give feedback on
when and how to structure two (20 community engagement events with the public at
large to communicate progress on the bridge design and elicit public comment to further
refine the design.
• Two (2) Progress meeting to review drawings before presenting to the BAR (one to get
input from the steering committee and one to review the translation of that input into
• Meeting to review design before presentation to the BAR.
• Meeting after BAR meeting(s) to discuss comments and any needed changes.
4. Review plans prior to approval by the City Council and Board of Architectural Review.
5. Every 3 months (unless an emergency warrants an additional meeting) during the
construction phase, meet with the design team and staff to discuss any plan adjustments
or change orders and provide guidance on how to communicate any needed design
changes to the public.
Ms. Szakos said as we move forward on Hillsdale, we need to be sure to leave capacity for
a back exit for the folks at Michie Drive. Mr. Tolbert said we are not doing anything to exclude
Mr. Fenwick said when he last checked the drains at Old Lynchburg Road (OLR), they
were not working. Mr. Tolbert said they have observed that they are draining properly.
Mr. Jones asked Mr. Tolbert to address the issue of the island at OLR. Mr. Tolbert said
CARS, JAUNT and the Fire Department have all looked at the island and have said it is not
causing them any problems.
Ms. Szakos moved to adopt the resolution requesting VDOT signals project. Ms. Galvin
seconded the motion.
Mr. Fenwick asked if there is any guarantee that this is going to work. Mr. Tolbert said
other communities’ experiences, the Pantops community where this has been implemented, and
evidence from around the company shows that this work has significant impact on almost every
signal on off-peak hours and will help during peak hours.
Ms. Smith said she is skeptical about this, particularly if it is not going to help in the peak
hours. Ms. Szakos said she supports the project because we will have this implemented going all
the way up the 29 corridor.
The resolution passed. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja; Noes: Ms. Smith, Mr.
Regarding the bridge repair transfer, Ms. Galvin said she does not want to take money
away from the Hillsdale project if it is possible that later on we will not have enough to complete
the small area plan. Ms. Smith said we could transfer money from the OLR project once it is
complete to fund Hillsdale if needed. Ms. Galvin said she would like to know where we are in
the small area planning process sometime in the near future.
Mr. Huja thanked Mr. Fenwick for lighting the fire under the bridge issue.
Ms. Szakos moved to adopt the resolution regarding bridge repair. Ms. Smith seconded the
resolution. (Ayes: Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Ms. Smith, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: None.)
Ms. Szakos said things would have to be working very badly at the Harris intersection for
her to support further construction, because the nearby businesses have already gone through so
much. She said she would support a feasibility study.
Mr. Owen Peery, PE, with RK&K Engineers, showed traffic models for the interchange for
2015 and 2035.
Mr. Huja said there is Council support for a feasibility study.
Mr. Fenwick said the businesses off Harris Street are unanimous that this is a disaster.
Traffic through Harris Street, Allied Lane, and McIntire will increase in the years to come.
Construction Viewer Report
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council, along with Ms. Ruth Emerick. They reviewed the CityWide
Construction Viewer tool, which helps staff coordinate projects and gives the community
and governing bodies information about ongoing projects.
Ms. Galvin said this is a great tool, and it would be wonderful if we could reach the point
where we can also track social and community engagement tools.
Ms. Nancy Carpenter, 727 Denali Way, said the possible appropriation of money from the
Affordable Housing Fund concerned her. She said a work session or creative thinking should be
used to find another source of funding.
Mr. Louis Shultz, said this is the 22nd time he has come to Council accusing staff of
violating City code and civil rights statutes. He said the City Attorney's office has unlawfully
hired at least one outside attorney without Council's consent.
Ms. Jeanne Chase, 223 Old Lynchburg Rd., asked Council to pay attention to some items
that have not been completed on Old Lynchburg Road. She said the traffic-calming island does
not calm traffic.
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., asked Council to present the construction viewer to
residents at the Our Town meetings, especially since tonight’s presentation took place too late in
the meeting for viewers at home to have been likely to see it.
Mr. Scott Bandy said residents should take pictures of the road projects and add them to the
construction viewer. He said he agreed with Ms. Chase's remarks about the Old Lynchburg
Road project. He said Council should not take money away from the project until work is
Meeting adjourned.
Clerk of Council

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