A log of Charlottesville City Council Meetings 2008-2015. Transported from the City of Charlottesville website as a project of Smart Cville, http://www.smartcville.com.


ON Monday, October 20, 2014, AT 6:00 p.m. IN THE Second Floor Conference Room.
Closed session as provided by Section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code
Council met in special session on this date with the following members present:
Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
On motion by Ms. Smith, seconded by Ms. Szakos, Council voted, (Ayes: Mr. Huja, Ms.
Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Szakos; Noes: None; Absent at time of vote: Ms. Smith), to meet in
closed session for (1) Discussion and consideration of prospective candidates for appointment to
City boards and commissions, and discussion of the City Manager’s annual performance
evaluation, as authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (1); and, (2) Consultation with legal
counsel regarding the negotiation of the terms and conditions for the acquisition of a public
utility easement on McIntire Road, where discussion in an open meeting would adversely affect
the City’s negotiating strategy, as authorized by Va. Code sec. 2.2-3711 (A) (3) and (7).
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, Council certified by the following
vote (Ayes: Ms. Galvin, Mr. Fenwick, Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja; Noes: None), that to
the best of each Council Member's knowledge, only public business matters lawfully exempted
from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and identified
in the motion convening the closed session were heard, discussed or considered in the closed
COUNCIL CHAMBERS – October 20, 2014
Council met on this date with the following members present: Ms. Smith, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Huja, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Fenwick.
Mr. Fenwick recognized Love Your Melon Day and thanked Ms. Sarah Pritchett for her
support of the cause. He announced Downtown Safe Halloween on the Downtown Mall and the
Pumpkin Carving Contest at Carver Recreation Center. He also announced the Pancakes for
Parkinsons at UVA.
Ms. Szakos announced Doggy Howl-o-ween on October 30 on the Downtown Mall. She
also asked residents to be cautious on Halloween night when many children will be walking
around the neighborhoods.
Ms. Smith announced the Indoor Flea Market at Carver Recreation Center on November
8 from 8am-1pm. Go to Charlottesville.org/parksandrec for more information and to obtain a
vendor application.
Ms. Smith said the City is seeking a donation of a large tree for the City’s Grand
Illumination on November 28 at Central Place on the Downtown Mall. Please call Tim Hughes at
hughes@charlottesville.org, or call 970-3587 if you are interested in donating a tree.
Ms. Szakos announced a book release at the MLK Center tomorrow, October 21. On
Thursday, October 23 from 6-8pm, there will be an open house on the Ecological Free Bridge
Project at the Water Street Center.
Ms. Galvin announced the stormwater utility fee bills will be issued on October 28. Call
970-3146 for billing questions. Also, the City is accepting board applications for the Water
Resources Protection Program Advisory Committee and other boards. Go to
www.charlottesville.org/boards or call Paige Rice at 970-3113 for more information.
Ms. Galvin read a proclamation declaring October 24 as Food Day.
Ms. Szakos read a proclamation recognizing October as Disability Employment
Awareness Month.
Ms. Smith said Charlottesville was recognized by the Virginia Municipal League with
Platinum Level certification in the 2014 Virginia Go Green Challenge.
Mr. Huja invited Mr. John Zug from the Albemarle County Attorney’s Office to speak
about the Monticello Area Domestic Violence Fatality Review report.
On motion by Ms. Smith, seconded by Ms. Szakos, the following appointments were
made to the Belmont Bridge Steering Committee: Amy Gardner (Belmont neighborhood);
Heather Hill (North Downtown neighborhood); John Santoski (Planning Commission); and Tim
Moore, Scott Paisley and Mark Watson (PLACE Design Task Force). Council is still seeking
applicants for the Ridge Street and Martha Jefferson neighborhood representatives. (Ayes: Ms.
Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none.)
On motion by Ms. Smith, seconded by Ms. Szakos, Council added a business owner or
manager position within a quarter mile of the Belmont Bridge, and a representative from the
Transit Committee to be nominated by the CAT Advisory Board. Ms. Szakos seconded the
motion. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none.)
Ms. Cynthia Sheridan, 127 Harvest Dr., owner of Spring Street Boutique, said the Miss
USA pageant will be coming to Charlottesville at the end of November, and the pageant will be
hosted at the Paramount Theatre for at least the next three years. She asked Council for their
Ms. Kim Johnson, the pageant’s Executive Director, said the Miss Virginia USA and
Miss Virginia Teen USA pageants will be here, and contestants are accepted until the end of
October. Go to www.missvirginiausa.com to apply. Over $500,000 will be granted in
Mr. Jeff Fogel, 913 E. Jefferson St., said the City Council Policies and Procedures would
require that communications between residents and Councilors be monitored by the City
Manager and the Mayor, and this is not wanted by the public. Also, once a vote is taken,
Councilors are obligated to support the position and not take any action to undo it. A similar
provision prohibiting criticism that was presented to the University’s BOV was universally
condemned and withdrawn. He said this is a violation of the principles of democracy and free
Ms. Mary Carey, 100 Ridge Street at Midway Manor, spoke on safety at South Street.
The six parking spaces on South Street need to be removed. She has written letters to state and
federal representatives to help her with this objective.
Mr. Bill Emory, 1604 E. Market St., said the City has been engaged in dialogue since
1988 with neighborhoods on the east side of Charlottesville regarding Franklin Street. The
recommended option number one in the staff report is the best option for this project. He said
Council voted to see that Franklin Street is prohibited to through trucks, and he asked Council to
take action soon to pass the ordinance and ensure adequate signage is installed.
Mr. Louis Shultz, 1809 E. Market St., thanked Mr. Wray for doing his job by cutting off
the Registrar’s credit card privileges. He said Council has ignored wrongdoings by the City
Manager and other senior staff regarding Steephill Street.
Mr. John Heyden, Westwood Rd., said property assessments have risen drastically over
the years, and this has benefitted some more than others. His house is assessed higher than his
Ms. Rebecca Quinn, 104 4th St., said if the citizens wanted one voice from Council, they
would have a dictator instead of five different representatives. She said Council should pull item
two from the agenda and seek input from the public. It is wrong to require Councilors to copy the
entire Council on correspondence. She asked who decides what constitutes over involvement.
Councilors should not have to support decisions they disagree with.
Ms. Grace Amdresvba, 1400 Monticello Rd., said there should be a safe room or an
annex for people to go after major concerts or late night events in Charlottesville so that stranded
women or other individuals will not be in danger.
Ms. Lena Seville, 808 Altavista Ave., asked Council to include the recent resolution they
passed from OneVirginia regarding fair redistricting as part of their legislative package.
Mr. Peter Kleeman, 407 Hedge St., said he agreed with previous speakers regarding item
two on City Council policies and procedures. Government is only required to be open to a
certain point. Individual communications are not required to be open under statewide open
meeting requirements and should be kept private, and conversations with two or fewer
Councilors should not be treated as public, nor should conversations among those parties be
public or be required to be made public. This item should be reviewed in great detail and should
have outside input to examine the legalities regarding privacy of conversations between
Councilors and members of the public.
Ms. Megan Bird, 711 Lyons Ave., member of the Charlottesville Youth Council, said the
Youth Council has proposed adopting the blue light emergency phones system used by UVA for
the Downtown Mall to enhance security. These have been proved to be a deterrent of crime.
There have been several phones installed in heavily populated areas around the City as well.
Ms. Smith thanked Ms. Bird for her comments and said the Youth Council’s
recommendation is something Council needs to look into to address safety, as opposed to
security cameras, which address post-crime steps. They should talk to UVA about their
experience with the system. She thanked those who spoke about Council’s proposed policies
and procedures and said she would support pulling the vote and would like to discuss the matter
in public. She said she is impressed by Ms. Carey’s active voice and said she provides an
incredible lesson in civic involvement.
Ms. Szakos said the policies that came forward were meant to start discussion tonight and
are not set in stone. It is important to have this conversation. She clarified that if you have a
meeting with one or two Councilors it is private, but emails are all subject to FOIA by law. The
idea about sharing with the City Manager and the Mayor were designed for those written
specifically to all of Council in order to communicate that there has been a response. She
thanked Mr. Heyden for his statistics, and she understood his concerns about the different rates.
She said you can appeal your assessment at the Real Estate Assessor’s Office. She said Council
did pass the OneVirginia resolution in September, and we will make sure it is included in our
legislative package. We have discussed the blue light system and will get input from the Police
Department on this. Council also has a work session planned with the Youth Council in
Ms. Galvin said she agrees with including the OneVirginia resolution with the legislative
package. The Council policies and procedures is a draft, and that is why we are discussing this.
She said the ultimate goal is to develop a sense of collegiality.
Mr. Fenwick said if the freedom of speech issue comes up for discussion, he will not
support it, and if it does pass he will not abide by it. The community should be involved with it
from the get-go. He thanked Mr. Fogel, Ms. Quinn, Ms. Amdresvba, Mr. Kleeman and Ms. Bird
for their comments to Council. He thanked Ms. Carey for her persistence. He said his thoughts
and prayers are with Hannah Graham and her family. We cannot forget that Dashad Sage Smith
is still missing and said he hopes we can use some of the same resources to find this person.
Ms. Smith requested item k be pulled for discussion.
Ms. Szakos noted item j is a positive thing, but we have to recognize in the next budget
cycle that we will have to maintain more parkland than before.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, the consent agenda passed, minus
item k. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none.)
a. Minutes for October 6
b. APPROPRIATION: Reprogramming of $104,469.45, Appropriation and Allocation of $750.00 &
Future Allocations – Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund (2nd reading)
c. APPROPRIATION: 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant – $27,050 (2nd reading)
d. APPROPRIATION: FAMIS Case Transfer from State to City of Charlottesville – $29,051.94
e. APPROPRIATION: Additional State Funds to Provide Respite Care to Families Receiving Foster
Care Prevention Services – $7,104 (carried)
f. APPROPRIATION: Charlottesville Area Transit Fund Supplemental Appropriation for F.Y.2015 of
Operations & Capital Funding – $719,604 (carried)
g. RESOLUTION: VDOT Transportation Alternatives Program Grant Application - $ 450,000
h. RESOLUTION: Sidewalk Waiver Request for 1107 Elliott Ave.
i. RESOLUTION: Energize! Charlottesville and the $5M GU Energy Prize Competition
j. RESOLUTION: Acquisition of ~2.438 Acres of Land for Parks/Greenbelt Trails
k. RESOLUTION: Approval of Housing Policy 1 – Objectives for Use of Charlottesville
Affordable Housing Fund and Criteria/Priorities for Award of Funds
l. ORDINANCE: Abandonment of Sanitary Sewer Easements – Rock Creek Road (2nd reading)
m.ORDINANCE: Changes to Neighborhood Development Services Fee Schedule (2nd reading)
Mr. Jones presented to Council. He reviewed the Council’s work at their retreat in late
August and listed the policies and guidelines discussed at the retreat.
Mr. Huja said he shares the concern on page three raised by Mr. Fogel and others, but he
does not think this was the intended spirit of this item. Ms. Szakos proposed alternative
language to say that “after Council reaches a consensus….avoid undermining the decision”, and
leave it at that.
Mr. Fenwick said this is not ready for a discussion. Under Community Engagement, it
says there has been no direct community engagement on this issue. He moved to pull the item
and get the public involved. Ms. Szakos and Mr. Huja said we need to discuss this. Ms. Szakos
said we can defer a decision, but we can still discuss it this evening. Ms. Smith said she seconds
deferring a vote but allowing discussion. Council agreed unanimously.
Ms. Szakos said we should agree on places we want to consider for language changes.
Ms. Smith said these are basically just the facilitator’s notes from the retreat and are very
reactionary. Official policies and procedures need to look more professional.
Ms. Szakos said Mr. Fenwick said he would not follow these procedures if he did not
agree with them, but he never said anything about it at the August retreat. Mr. Fenwick said he
did not feel comfortable sharing his opinion at the retreat because it was the first one he had ever
Ms. Smith said these are guidelines, not policies or procedures.
Ms. Szakos suggested inserting “where possible, copy responses to the all Council
emails to help facilitate communications” under the Communications section. Ms. Smith said
this is not always appropriate. Ms. Galvin said it could just say “Councilors will copy responses
to the mayor and City Manager as appropriate.”
Ms. Szakos said when Council meets with staff, they should inform the City Manager if it
is about policy and a follow-up is expected, but if there is no follow-up needed she does not
believe it needs to be reported to the City Manager. Ms. Galvin said item 2 was clearly trying to
prevent Councilors from giving direction to staff, which can wreak havoc and confusion amongst
staff. This was meant to prevent a Councilor from acting unilaterally and using staff resources to
further their own agenda.
Ms. Szakos said item 4 about staying at policy level and avoid over-involvement is an
important concept, but there is a way to put that that is a little less vague. Mr. Huja said the basic
intent is to underline that the staff does operations, and Council does policy. Ms. Galvin said she
wants to be clear that asking staff questions is legitimate and fair and does not constitute overinvolvement.
Ms. Szakos asked staff to try to revise that sentence to make it less vague. Mr.
Brown suggested, “Councilors will avoid becoming involved in the day-to-day operations of the
Mr. Huja said the mayor should be mentioned in #1 regarding agenda meeting
management. Ms. Szakos said this section should say “Meeting Management” instead of
“Agenda Meeting Management”.
Mr. Fenwick asked what would happen if a Councilor is concerned with staff
performance and brings it to the City Manager, but nothing is done. Mr. Huja said this would be
reflected in the City Manager’s evaluation. Ms. Szakos said this could also be brought to the
mayor if need be, or discuss with the City Manager in one-on-one meetings. Mr. Fenwick said
he has had many discussions with the City Manager but never knows if anything has been done,
and it seems like not. Ms. Galvin said the opportunity to have this discussion as a Council can
appropriately take place during the evaluation of the City Manager. Mr. Fenwick said people
always say nothing ever gets done around the City. Mr. Huja said he does not agree that this is
true. Ms. Szakos said she does not hear that very often. Ms. Galvin clarified that Council is in
the process of evaluating the City Manager and will continue into November.
Ms. Szakos said Councilors do often mention things out loud so the public understands
our thought process, and this is important.
Mr. Fenwick recommended shorter meetings with more citizen participation. He said
Council should start their regular meetings at 6:30 pm and end them at 9:30 pm, and anything
undone will be left for the next agenda. Mr. Huja said starting a meeting at 6:30 pm is difficult
for the public. Mr. Fenwick said it is more difficult for them to stay here until 10:30 pm or 11:00
pm. Ms. Szakos said we have responsibilities we have to take care of and cannot just end a
meeting and leave agenda item uncovered. Mr. Huja said the point is that we need to end
meetings at a reasonable time. He suggested 10:30 pm as a recommended target end time. Ms.
Galvin said limiting the agenda to six to eight items makes them more efficient. Mr. Fenwick
said a time limit would be more efficient. Mr. Huja asked if there is a consensus to try to end
meetings by 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm. Ms. Szakos and Ms. Galvin agreed to try this. Ms. Smith
said she would like to hear from the public before making a decision. Ms. Szakos said we should
respect the 3 minute time limit during Matters by the Public. Mr. Jones asked for clarification on
the 11:00 pm time limit. Mr. Huja clarified that this would be a guideline for an end time. Mr.
Fenwick said he supports 10:30 pm. Ms. Szakos said this is unrealistic. Ms. Galvin said this is
only workable if Councilors do not take the time to respond to Matters by the Public. Ms. Szakos
said if we do not respond to the public, it is offensive.
Ms. Smith suggested taking items two and three from page three out of the document
completely. Item two states that when Councilors disagree with each other, they will avoid
personal attached and negative characterizations; item three states that after Council reaches a
consensus, Councilors will support the decision and avoid undermining it or trying to undo it.
She said these items have no place in this type of document. Ms. Galvin said she disagrees, and
this is important to maintaining civility during meetings. Ms. Szakos suggested changing the
language to say “Councilors commit to a civil and decorous discourse”. Mr. Huja said we will
delete item three and change item two to the suggested positive language.
Ms. Szakos recommended substituting item 3 with other language. Mr. Huja said
positions change, Councils change, and new information comes out. Staff was asked to craft an
alternative statement that is not as inflammatory.
Regarding role of committees, Ms. Szakos asked to change “that are in the business” to
say “that can offer expertise”.
Councilors discussed the appropriateness of Council members sitting on boards. Ms.
Szakos suggested suspending the decision about whether or not to have Councilors on specific
committees to a late date and instead focus on discussing how they conduct themselves while
serving on boards.
Ms. Szakos asked for item five to say policy recommendations instead of policy
decisions. Ms. Galvin said there is no “large role” that any Councilor plays on these committees.
Mr. Fenwick said board members always look to the Councilor to see if decisions are acceptable.
Ms. Szakos said she has not found that to be true on the boards she has served on.
Ms. Szakos asked to add clarification about making your role as a liaison of the Council
clear and ensuring that you do not represent your individual viewpoint “as a Council position”,
though you may have personal expertise in that area. This is in order to allow a Councilor to
share their personal viewpoints as well if they wish. Ms. Smith said she disagrees and believes
you should only represent the Council on the committee and not your own viewpoint. Ms.
Szakos and Ms. Smith agreed to reword this to say “ensure that you represent as Council
positions only those positions that have been agreed to by Council”.
Mr. Huja asked staff to include the roles of the mayor, City Manager, and Council in the
package when this comes up for discussion again. Ms. Galvin said we can use examples from
other localities for formatting ideas. Ms. Smith said a lot of this content does not need to be in
our guidelines document.
Mr. David Blount presented to Council on the TJPDC package. The draft regional
program includes six priority positions, which are included in the package materials. Ms. Lisa
Robertson presented to Council on the City legislative package and reviewed the proposed
position statements before Council for endorsement.
Ms. Szakos asked about the OneVirginia resolution. Ms. Robertson said staff will add a
sentence saying we support OneVirginia as indicated in the attached resolution.
Mr. Fenwick proposed adding language to the effect that if we get money from the state,
the localities have more latitude on how it is spent, specifically VDOT highway money. Ms.
Szakos said this may be something we would take to the MPO. Ms. Robertson said we can add a
statement to the local revenues section regarding greater flexibility for determining how highway
funds can be utilized for City projects.
Ms. Szakos noted that we did not endorse the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act in the
TJPDC platform.
Ms. Smith asked about idling being restricted to vehicles of certain size. Ms. Robertson
said last year Council requested general legislation that no legislators were comfortable
addressing, but if we were more specific about what types of idling we are trying to target we
may be able to gain traction.
Ms. Galvin moved the City’s legislative package with the addition of the OneVirginia
support and Mr. Fenwick’s language about transportation funding. Ms. Smith seconded the
motion. The motion passed. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick;
Noes: none.)
Ms. Szakos made a motion to support the TJPDC’s legislative package. Ms. Smith
seconded the motion. The motion passed. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja,
Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none.)
Mr. Tolbert presented to Council about suggested solutions to address safety on Franklin
Ms. Szakos asked for clarification about no through trucks. Ms. Branche said the code
calls it out by axles, and they will have the specifics when this comes to the Council on the next
consent agenda.
Mr. Fenwick asked for a linear foot figure for the 4’ sidewalk. Ms. Galvin asked for
replacement cost for the entire asphalt sidewalk instead.
Ms. Szakos moved the recommended option one, which says: Construct a 4 foot sidewalk
on the west side of Franklin that does not remove the wall. This will narrow the roadway near
Market Street below standards but the low volume of traffic makes this possible. 2. We also
propose to upgrade the sidewalk south of the railroad as needed. 3. Monitor speeds and place a
pinch point structure if needed between Market Street and Woolen Mills Self Storage. Ms. Smith
seconded the motion. Ms. Szakos said she is not an advocate of ripping out asphalt to replace
with concrete at this time. The resolution passed. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin,
Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none.)
Mr. Tolbert gave Council an update on the adaptive signal project. Mr. Mike Clements
from VDOT, Statewide Signal Program Manager, and Ms. Jeannie Alexander, consultant were
also present.
Ms. Alexander spoke to Council about her research on the Lynchburg system and how it
is functioning for them. Mr. Fenwick asked for the cost. Mr. Clements said the costs are about
$50,000-$55,000 / intersection, fully installed, which includes communications.
Ms. Smith asked what the total cost to the City is. Mr. Tolbert said it is $2 million with
revenue sharing and a local match. Mr. Fenwick asked why the figure has increased over time.
Mr. Tolbert explained that additional equipment was needed from the original projections.
Ms. Smith asked if VDOT would be managing the system. Mr. Tolbert said we have the
option to allow them to control the entire project. Staff is planning to continue managing City
traffic, but we can go back to VDOT to have them manage the system if needed.
Ms. Galvin said she is not an employee at EPR but has worked with them professionally
and feels that for the sake of appearances she should recuse herself from voting, even though she
does not believe a conflict of interest exists.
On motion by Ms. Szakos, seconded by Ms. Smith, the resolution passed. (Ayes: Ms.
Smith, Ms. Szakos, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick; Noes: none; Recused: Ms. Galvin.)
Ms. Rachel Lloyd presented to Council. She reviewed PLACE’s purpose, charge, and
goals, and summarized PLACE’s accomplishments during 2013-14. She reviewed challenges,
including communication and recommendations being interpreted as City decisions rather than
direction from an advisory body. She reviewed next steps, including process actions they hope to
examine and implement.
Mr. Huja thanked PLACE for their important work in the community. Mr. Fenwick said
it is super when people volunteer their time to contribute to the City. Ms. Szakos said she
appreciates looking at possible action items, specifically making recommendations directly to
Council to avoid confusion, and the process analysis and recommendation. She said she wants to
be sure PLACE is relying on staff expertise for policy recommendations; start with the staff
rather than with Council. Mr. Huja said working with staff is crucial. Ms. Smith thanked
PLACE members for their time and expertise.
Ms. Smith said she is frustrated that the West Main study does not include some of the
side streets.
Ms. Galvin said we need to be sure we are coordinating the big picture work done by
Toole Design and Ian Lockwood last summer with smaller transportation projects like West
Main Street. She said this is why sh requested Toole’s technical memo, because she believes it
is the City’s responsibility to ensure Toole’s assessment fed into Rhodeside Harwell’s work on
West Main Street.
Mr. David Ellis and Ms. Miriam Dickler presented to Council. Mr. Ellis gave an
overview of staff’s research on 311 systems. Appropriate training and staffing of 311 centers are
important to ensure a positive customer experience. Ms. Dickler reported on her trip to Mankato,
Minnesota and her findings about their 311 system implementation and experience with the
Ms. Galvin said given our existing scorecard approach, we do not have a sense of when
things are actually completed and how long it took. Some things that are long term in nature are
not covered by a 311 system. There seems to be an inherent inefficiency in how we are
addressing citizen complaints as they come in.
Ms. Dickler said limiting entry points for complaints can make the system more efficient.
Mr. Ellis described the current tracking and monitoring system in place. Ms. Galvin said we need
to figure out how to communicate with the public about when complaints are being resolved.
Ms. Szakos asked if Mankato recommended the 311 system. Ms. Dickler said they were
cautiously optimistic but did face many challenges during implementation.
Mr. Huja said he is intrigued by 311 but is concerned about the cost of the system and the
ongoing cost of running the system. Mr. Ellis said there is increased citizen satisfaction. Ms.
Dickler said it reduces the number of transfers. Ms. Szakos said this seems lovely but she
hesitates to support it because of the cost. She would be willing to learn more. Mr. Fenwick said
he is skeptical of this, because it is not the process that drops the ball, it is the people. Mr. Ellis
said it is important to make sure the process is good. Ms. Galvin said concerns about customer
service need to be addressed.
Ms. Smith asked that this item be pulled. She said she does not think it is appropriate that
a committee did so much policy work, which is the work of Council. She said this needs to be
ore about people, not buildings.
Ms. Szakos said this policy is about financing and how to use housing funds. Ms. Galvin
said Policy 2 and Policy 3 will address more about people. Ms. Szakos said we have a housing
fund that no one can access because we do not have a policy. She supports approving the
resolution because it is responsive to what we asked for and allows us to start using the fund. Mr.
Huja said he agrees, and we can use the funds to help families now. Ms. Galvin said this policy
allows us to create the inclusive communities we desire.
Ms. Smith asked for an additional goal of 20-25% of our low income families living in
affordable housing.
Ms. Szakos moved to adopt the policy with the understanding that overall our housing
policy needs to move towards a more person-centric approach. Ms. Galvin seconded the motion.
The resolution passed. (Ayes: Ms. Smith, Ms. Szakos, Ms. Galvin, Mr. Huja, Mr. Fenwick;
Noes: none.)
Mr. Fenwick said on September 15 there was an executive session citing a
specific public official. He asked that the minutes reflect that the specific public official
was him.
Ms. Gennie Keller, 504 North 1st St., asked Council to reconsider their earlier
conversation about Council representation on boards, and not to constrain themselves to specific
representation, but rather to bring their whole person when sitting in on boards and commissions
Meeting adjourned.

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